At Evans on Marketing, we pay a lot of attention to social media marketing. Today, we present more social media marketing tips for you.

First, take a look at these past posts:

And please remember that anything which and your firm say online leaves a long tail!


More Social Media Marketing Tips — Many Resources

Social media marketing tips come in many formats. And these include “cheatsheets,” infographics, and other tools. One source of tips is Hongkiat (HKDC). The firm provides advice related to tech, design, and technology. As part of its efforts, HKDC publishes releases “tips, tricks, techniques, tutorials, tool recommendations, and plenty of freebies that web designers, bloggers, graphic designers, entrepreneurs and web developers would love. We love powerful plugins, cool tools, geeky gadgets, great gift ideas, desktop and mobile apps, and more interesting things.”

One of HKDC’s valuable articles covers “50 Cheatsheets & Infographics for Social Media Marketers.” To access the full article, click here. To see a few highlights, keep reading.

If you follow these tips, your social media marketing will improve. And that is essential. In sum, don’t be close-minded. Instead, be adaptable. You cannot control what others say about you online. But you can control how present yourself to others. This involves branding and self-branding.


Importance of Visual Content

So, why the importance of visual content? To  answer that question, look at the following infographic.

More Social Media Marketing Tips -- Visual Content


How to Market Successfully

To succeed, follow these steps. First, select the best strategy and tactics for YOU. Then, create your content. Next, publish and promote your content. Finally, analyze your results.

More Social Media Marketing Tips -- Keys to Success

Top Social Media Tools for Business

To learn about 56 social media tools, check out this infographic.

More Social Media Marketing Tips -- 56 Tools

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