To do as well as possible with social media, firms should build a social media checklist. Therefore, good planning rules!

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Do Better Social Media Marketing: Build a Social Media Checklist

For assistance with social media plans, we should turn to a social media checklist. And use it to guide all of our related activities.

As reported by Nadia Nazarova for Social Media Today:

“Managing the day-to-day ins and outs of an effective social media marketing strategy is a constant challenge. And it can be frustrating when you’re not seeing the results you want. But you just can’t find the time to try out new things. One way to ensure you’re maximizing your time is to follow a daily checklist. This can help you cope with all the routine tasks you face on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. While it also enables you to allocate specific time to development, in alignment with your business goals.”

“We’ve developed one such checklist to help. To learn from it, take a look at the graphic below.”

Build a Social Media Checklist

20 Replies to “Build a Social Media Checklist”

  1. This looks absolutely exhausting to do. No wonder corporations have social media departments. No one person can run multiple social media accounts and constantly manage them all meanwhile paying attention to the accounts of competitors. Also, I believe this strong of a social media connection pressures companies to make hasty responses to complicated situations.

  2. This post really opened my eyes about just how much time, work, and effort it takes to run and maintain a successful social media presence for a company. Based on the checklist, just the daily tasks alone are a lot of work and may take a lot of time. Then, all of the daily information plays into overall weekly, monthly, and quarterly tasks. It also made me recognize the need for large social media/ marketing teams for companies and corporations alike. It is a big task to take on and can not be done alone. I believe, though, that it is all necessary in order to maintian a strong social media presence. For example, Wendy’s has recently increased thier presence greatly by tweeting funny/ playful responses to other fast food chains. It has certainly caught a lot of people’s attentions and, I admit, it even made me follow them as well just to see their roast tweets at their competitors.

  3. Although this social media checklist is extensive, I can see why it is so beneficial for companies. It is important that companies that the time to hire a good social media team so that they can make sure everything on the list is covered.

  4. It seems crazy that a social media manager/employee has to do all of the things on the checklist, but it makes sense to have the social media presence make an impact. How frequently and what content to post aren’t the only aspects to worry about. Having a plan and schedule keeps things organized. Social media is evolving the field of marketing, and companies need to make sure to stay relevant. By doing all of these things on the checklist, it’s easier to.

  5. I worked at a firm that managed a fast food chain. I was in charge of keeping the social media up to date, which meant posting pictures twice a day at specific times, and replying to comments. Although I did not have to analyze the data it was a lot of work. After reading this, I can imagine how much more work it is to follow all of the things in the checklist. But I think it is very important to have a plan to guarantee success. Especially nowadays that social media is such a big platform.

  6. One of the most important parts of managing a social media platform is planning ahead a timeline of what needs to get done when and what specific posts should be highlighted. Many companies also choose to have a theme, such as a color scheme, when posting on their feed so it is ascetically pleasing to the eye. Media monitoring and clipping are typical tasks completed by public relations partitioners, and are very time consuming yet necessary tasks. In order to have a successful and reliable social media platform which reaches its target audience, there must be preparation and time and effort put in place to succeed.

  7. I agree with these steps, but think a social media checklist has to be made more specific to the needs and resources of an organization. I work with a smaller team, and love the idea of these monthly and weekly checkpoints, but sometimes it’s just not doable. The best way I work with limited resources, is keeping a schedule of upcoming events and speaking with other departments about things that need to be accomplished. Making a schedule based on time priority and importance helps me stay organized and make sure I’m not over-posting. We also do review our performance regularly using Google Analytics and Impressions reports. This kind of system also helps us utilize our limited resources by finding out what is working and what needs to be re-evaluated. There is no point in keeping the same kinds of posts, if their performance is low and the graphics and content can be altered to create more success.

  8. Reviewing all the checklists for social media marketing strategy makes me realize that doing business online is fast-paced and competitive. Though it allows companies to contact with customers easier and in larger number, companies need to keep up with ins and outs information every day. They need to reply to customers, monitor industry news and trends, and interact with industry influencers on their posts. If companies cannot keep up with this fast pace environment, they might lose their competitive advantage.

  9. This checklist certainly conveys how successful social media campaigning is an ongoing, iterative process requiring persistence and consistency in messaging. I’d look at it as a continual conversation. This is quite a comprehensive checklist and the work outlined requires a substantial coordinated team effort.

  10. This social media checklist seems very extensive and it makes sense why the social media team may be so stressed out. Checklists are good for many things in life to stay organized and stay on task. This checklist shows how fast of a turnover there is in this department. Everyday marketing and social media changes so it is a job that someone constantly has to be keeping up with the trends of social media.

  11. Learning how to manage your company’s social media is a huge task. Knowing exactly when and what to post to get the highest amount of consumer engagement is crucial to the success of a company. I am in charge of social media for the Hofstra dance team and I have to make sure I post at the correct times and I engage with our followers to make sure we continue to keep our social reputation alive.

  12. I can see why companies use a checklist like this. Social media is becoming a huge part of advertisement now and if you have a great social media department, your advertising becomes that much better. Also, it is important to keep updated with social media trends. The social media employees should understand the youth and how to attract them to the company.

  13. Social media is such an interesting and fast-growing facet of companies. Twenty years ago, something like this would be totally unheard of; dedicated teams of people, resources, and time towards simply posting on social media website. However, in order to be successful today, especially among a younger audience of consumers (Millenials/Gen Z-ers) a large amount of marketing must be dedicated entirely to posting and responding on social media sites. Looking at this checklist was incredibly eye-opening, because it just shows how much effort major corporations are putting in in order to appeal/stay in touch with the ever-changing chain of demographics they must sell to! Everything is moving towards a more digital, fast paced world, and companies with the best grip on social media will be at the forefront.

  14. I think it’s insane how there is a checklist to keep up with social media. The fact that social media takes up so much of people’s lives and spend so much time on their phones is crazy. On the other hand, the world is moving towards using technology and social media more and more for business reasons and in order to stay current, businesses need to keep up.

  15. Today having a good social media presence is crucial to the success of a business, because it has become a major part of society. I think the social media checklist is a good way for companies to keep track of their accounts and build the brand online. It is also extremely important to have a connection with ones followers to create a positive brand image.

  16. This social media checklist is extremely extensive but also seems like a very effective way for companies to successfully grow. Social Media is a very strong place to market since my generation uses Instagram and Snapchat extensively and the older generations use Facebook extensively.

  17. I never realized how much work went into managing the social media presence for a brand. I have worked on several social media accounts, even working as a social media intern at a company for a while and I really wish I had this checklist then. It is thorough, and covers all of the bases necessary to seeing a real improvement in the growth of a business’s social media presence.

  18. Having just recently finished a Social Media Marketing internship from the past 3 months, I never knew how much time went into actually building the social media presence for a brand. The first few weeks or so it was a bit hard for me as I didn’t know what to post on facebook, twitter, instagram, etc and now having read this blog I’ll be sure to make a checklist for my next internship as it will help me to see some growth when handling a business’s social media presence.

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