During the past year, we posted about Making YOUR Brand Stand OutFree Advertising Tools for Small BusinessesBest Business Books to Read in 2018. And Greatest All-Time Brand Logos. Now, let’s look at takeaways from best marketing campaigns.



HubSpot’s Takeaways from Best Marketing Campaigns

According to HubSpot:

“Get inspired by campaigns from Spotify, Allbirds, Taco Bell & more.

  • When brainstorming new ideas for marketing and advertising campaigns, it’s not uncommon for the following questions to come to mind: How can we earn more customers? How can we up-sell our existing customers? How can we position ourselves in the best light against our competition?
  • But the best campaigns, well, they tend to consider a bit more. You see, the best campaigns don’t just sell, they educate, inspire, and help you achieve or feel something. Trouble is, coming up with these remarkable campaign ideas on a regular basis can quickly drain your creative energy.
  • That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top marketing and advertising campaigns ever, and included a few juicy details explaining what made each campaign standout. In this guide, you’ll learn strategies you can use as inspiration for your next marketing initiative, so your campaign content never falls flat.” 

Examples Include campaigns for tech and software, retail and E-commerce, and food and drink campaigns. To access the full report, click on the image. Then, fill out the free signup. To see two of the campaigns, scroll down.

Takeaways from Best Marketing Campaigns


Takeaways from Best Marketing Campaigns -- Spotify

VenmoTakeaways from Best Marketing Campaigns -- Venmo

9 Replies to “Takeaways from Best Marketing Campaigns”

  1. I completely agree that famous ad campaigns can be great inspiration for creating new great ads. From this list I personally enjoyed the Cheetos Museum. I think they were able to tap into a customer habit (looking at each piece and making guesses with friends about what it looks like) and put a fun ad twist on it. Ads like this resonate with me because they are quirky and different, most of all memorable. When I walk down the snack isle to pick something up to a friends house, this brand is higher on my awareness scale and has created a positive memory for me. This is a note to take away, because ads should be memorable, and should increase customer awareness even if it does not come into effect until later on after seeing the ad. Similarly the #MissAdventure campaign was something really fun and involved for consumers. Campaigns like this encourage consumers to get involved with the brand and show how they are using it in their lives which helps other consumers relate and remember, and be more willing to want to get involved and purchase themselves. This was a great list that I was definitely able to learn from – highly recommend the full download.

  2. In order to create great marketing campaigns, it is important to take a look at other marketing strategies. It helps you with your own creativity and explains you the issues that you have never seen before. I liked the Spotify strategy to collect as much data as we can on consumers, since it helps target the consumers who are interested in the product.

  3. By following in the footsteps of Spotify and Venmo, you will be on your way to success. The both of them use insanely smart marketing techniques to not only catch the eyes of their viewers but also leave a lasting impression on them. What interested me the most was Spotify’s 2016 campaign. The reason for this is that it showed how important it is to do research on and collect data about your market and the people you are providing the service for. I thought their campaign was unique, creative, and humorous, and made me like Spotify that much more. It is important, when creating a marking ad to personalize it as much as possible, exactly like Spotify did. By creating personalized ads, it causes the users to develop more of a connection with it and want to use it more. I give Spotify a lot of credit for that campaign they put out two years ago.

  4. The greatest and most remembered ads are the one that people connect with in some emotional way- whether its out of sadness, love, laughter or any other emotion. To have a successful marketing campaign you must stand out from the crowd and show that you are more than just a name on a product, that you can really connect with people. Spotify and venmo are very popular and they found a way to interact with people that will make them curious and bring them even more users and customers.

  5. Marketing campaigns can be very tricky because your goal is to reach almost everyone in your target market that will educate, inspire, and help you achieve or feel something. I think some of the best ads have been produced by Budweiser usually shown during the Super Bowl because audiences watch it and feel happy afterwards. Spotify and Venmo have done a great job advertising and giving easy access to their consumers. Venmo specifically was probably one of the best apps created because it is easy, reliable, and cost efficient. Also, there was not an app that could easily transfer money beforehand, so the creators of Venmo tapped into an untapped market, thus their success.

  6. Emotional connections create the strongest reason for someone to go and investigate further. So with companies and their new marketing strategies create this connection and run with it, Venmo created that connection by making a social marketplace that hadn’t been seen before which is why it is so successful.

  7. The marketing campaigns of Spotify and Venmo definitely were a standout and that is exactly what a company wants to do. If a company wants to get to their customers and gain new ones, they have to make their campaigns memorable. I really liked Venmo’s campaign because it matched what their app is all about. You can pay people for anything and you fill type in what you are paying them for, just like the campaign.

  8. I think that both of the campaigns described in this post are incredibly effective. I love the Spotify 2018 goals, I think it sets them apart from their main competitor, Apple Music, by connecting better with their customers. Spotify 2018 goals really feels personalized too me, and that makes me want to remain loyal to the brand.

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