Due to its growing importance, we have written a lot about mobile marketing. As examples, see Mobile Marketing FactsMobile Ads Keep on Booming in 2018.  And Mobile Marketing Automation Growing Fast. Today, we show several ideas for your mobile marketing campaign.

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Best Practices: Ideas for Your Mobile Marketing Campaign

Suppose you want to take your business to the next level.  And you want to create an ad campaign to increase awareness for what you offer. With Google’s shift toward mobile-first indexing, focusing on mobile marketing seems like the next logical step. Further, mobile devices now open up a world of possibilities. Many businesses have created versatile mobile apps. And they deliver unique experiences and higher customer engagement. Making a comprehensive app is not that expensive anymore. But it only makes sense if you have a genuinely good concept behind it. Thus, it could be a part of a larger campaign. One with push notifications, SMS messages, QR codes, and other aspects of mobile marketing.

If you owned a hotel chain and some of your hotels were fairly close to an airport, how could you create a campaign to draw attention to your business? What type of people would have an urgent need to use your hotel? One hotel chain, Red Roof Inn, brainstormed a mobile marketing campaign with a firm called “360i”. Together, they formed a mobile search campaign to draw attention to the hotel chain. The clever campaign ended up on users mobiles with the direct question: “Stranded at the airport?” What was the result? Last-minute bookings at “Red Roof Inn” increased 60%.

Walmart used a different method. It already had a marketing campaign. By thinking outside the box, Walmart looked at how fast its mobile ads loaded. Of course, customers do not want to wait for anything, let alone an ad to load. By changing site fonts, images, and coding, Walmart cut 5 seconds from the load time.

There are many more examples of mobile marketing campaigns, too many to mention here. As a result, visual story below reveals the far-reaching impact of mobile marketing.
Ideas for Your Mobile Marketing Campaign

12 Replies to “Ideas for Your Mobile Marketing Campaign”

  1. Mobile campaigns is a brilliant method to engage consumers and keep them coming back. Through the mobile device, its hard to not see promotions and alerts on products/services that the customers desire. The evidence shows significant increase in numbers and exposure once companies began adapting the mobile campaigns.

  2. The mobile marketing era has revolutionized marketing in a way, never done before allowing firm’s to spread more awareness using less expenditures thus creating a profitability overall. It is an easy way for consumers to see the latest promotions and keep in touch with their clients. I think it was smart for Walmart to cut their ads by 5 seconds because, although consumers want to be awareness of the new aspects firms have to offer, it becomes an annoyance constantly seeing the same thing and time consuming.

  3. Mobile marketing is very important in today’s business society. People are more interested in digital advertisements because it is easier to find and access their products. Its a fun way to engage and share among other people which promotes their company.

  4. Mobile marketing is a vital part of a business’s success. It is a method to engage customers and drive business. There are so many ways for a consumer to gain information about given products and services simply on their phones. There are apps we can download, interactive text messages we receive, and push notifications we get. Having the quick access through our mobile phones no matter where we are easily influences the company in a positive direction.

  5. Mobile marketing is the dominating form of marketing and its popularity will only continue to increase. I think specific companies do exceptional jobs reaching their target audience. For example, women’s fashion brands targeting young adult audiences do not spam their target consumers with emails, they use text messages and social media ads to catch their attention. Instagram is a great outlet for this because people go on Instagram and tend to compare their lives to others on the app. When you sprinkle an add into someones feed they’re going to be more likely to click that add because they have been comparing themselves and need an outlet to either better themselves or distract from others.

  6. Mobile Marketing is efficient, successful, and memorable. People are constantly on their phone now, and when ads or text messages pop up, there’s a higher chance of people looking at it than anywhere else. As long as the ads are quick, it can be a fast way to reach people. I think there’s a fine line where there can be too many ads and people stop looking at it or are annoyed by them, but as long as that point isn’t reached it’s effective.

  7. Personally, I love mobile marketing campaigns’ combination of creativity and analytics—not to mention the responsiveness. With so many shopping channels and types of devices available to consumers these days, businesses must be on board with mobile marketing campaigns or face being left behind. The ever increasing competition for market share is on!

  8. Everyone is constantly using their phones for communication and social media and are therefore much more inclined to support a business if their marketing is successfully showing up on their devices. Today’s day and age is very creative with how messages are being transmitted and campaigns bringing in not just a company’s message, but those of political, human rights, environmental, etc. messages attached as well. Mobile marketing is transforming the media and political landscape and are bringing in options for more customer collaboration through the social media connections and opportunities.

  9. Mobile marketing revolutionized marketing with the ability for mass contact with minimal effort on the part of the corporation. Everyone is always using their phones and are influenced by what they see everyday.

  10. Mobile marketing is very important in today’s society. Everyone is always on their phone and constantly exposed to these mobile advertisements. I think it is very smart for companies to put these ads on games where the viewer can not continue to play the game unless they watch the ad or when games give people the option to watch an ad in order to get a reward. A lot of the businesses mentioned above saw higher profits when they introduced mobile apps or text message marketing. By having it on your phone, it allows you to access them easily whenever you want to and makes people buy more without even realizing it. Mobile marketing has taken over the marketing industry and is still continuing to grow.

  11. Mobile marketing has changed the advertisement industry. In today’s society, everyone is on their phones. This makes mobile marketing campaigns efficient and successful.

  12. This article is really interesting. in the current market, especially for the millennial generation, mobile phone and online communication play more and more important parts in their daily life. As a marketer, companies have to focus on the online and mobile marketing to attract more customers. Normally more active the company perform in the different social media platform, the more potential consumers they will get in the future.

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