As we have noted multiple times, mobile marketing is booming. See, for example, these posts. Mobile Ads Keep on Booming in 2018. Mobile Drives E-Commerce Globally. Mobile Ads Keep on Booming in 2018. Today, we look at 104 mobile marketing facts. Yes, 104 facts!! 🙂


104 Mobile Marketing Facts

Thanks to Josh Wardini for authoring this section of today’s post. And to Web Site Builder for the infographic.

“Data from Web Site Builder show more Internet traffic from mobile than desktop. And mobile continues to far outpace growth, especially in the developing world. This is likely due to cheaper prices for entry-level smartphones. As well as the improvement of mobile technology and service . Regardless, mobile now represents 2 out of 3 digital media minutes.

SMS EraIn 2000, the first mobile ad was via SMS. By 2002, SMS was the newest mass media channel. Then, major brands including Nike and Pontiac, launched SMS campaigns. They shifted marketing to a more personal format to reach customers on their mobiles. This era ended with the more widespread adoption of mobile Internet.

Rapid Growth EraFrom about 2008, smartphone technologies began to hit mainstream markets. Thus, many more people adopted mobile device technologies. In 2010, the QR code started for mobile marketing. By 2011, mobile marketing was a 14-billion-dollar industry. In 2012, Facebook launched ads on its mobile app. And by 2013, mobile revenues soared to $3 billion in the first half of the year. This represented a 145% growth over the same period in the previous year. For 2014, mobile advertising experienced worldwide growth of 65%.

Current Mobile Marketing Data — In 2016, mobile devices overtook desktops in traffic and mobile commerce. Furthermore, 4 out of 5 consumers said they used smartphones to shop. And 69% are influenced to make a purchase on mobile due to company E-mails.

Predictions for Mobile MarketingMobile commerce will continue to grow and rake in over 90 billion dollars in 2018. Thus, 30% of global E-commerce sales will come from smartphones in the U.S. alone. Mobile marketing is a no longer a trend. As mobile usage continues to grow, mobile marketing will grow alongside it. Growth has been phenomenal since early SMS campaigns, and will continue to dominate the foreseeable future.”


104 Mobile Marketing Facts

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