Free personality tests are available. But, have you ever taken a personality test? They help you better understand yourself. In addition, they identify some strengths and weaknesses. As a rule, such tests offer personality profiles. These show your personality traits compare to others. We highlight 2 personality tests.  With the Traitify free personality tests, you do “Career Discovery.” In contrast, the Keirsey Temperament Sorter® uses 70 questions.

[Keep in mind. These tests are free examples. Your results may improperly describe you. Treat the accuracy of results with care.]



Created in the 1920s, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® remains popular today. Click for the online version. [Note: This test costs $49.95]

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Besides, consider Fast Company’s Rich Bellis’ take on such tests:

“To date, these tests are popular in executive coaching and career placement. But test givers have updated instruments for the modern workforce. As a result, some new tools use artificial intelligence for insights. In any case, tests enable hiring managers to see who’s a good fit.”

Yet, some psychologists question the impact of personality. But, [we] foresee firms moving to these tools to speed hiring. In addition, they want to improve falling retention rates.”


Traitify: Free Personality Tests and Other Tools

As a firm, Traitify offers personality tests and related tools. To this end, it targets business clients. And it lets them study job applicants in depth. In addition, it is “supported with a dashboard and a set of analytics tools. Thus, firms of any size to assess personality.”

Traitify offers free personality tests and paid tools. It targets business clients. It lets them study job applicants in depth. It is “supported with a dashboard and a set of analytics tools.

Click the image below to access Traitify’s free personality tests. Complete one in 90 seconds.  View immediate results. Visual questions require “me” or “not me”answers. Fill in the simple login.

Click the image below to access Traitify’s free personality tests. Complete it in 90 seconds. View immediate results. The visual questions require “me” or “not me”answers.


Keirsey: Free Personality Tests and Other Tools

As per its Web site, Keirsey is the leader in personality tests: ( offers the Keirsey Temperament Sorter to people and firms worldwide. [We] provide analysis via a number of reports. These include valuable insights.

Click the image below to see Keirsey’s full range of services.

Free personality tests. ( offers the Keirsey Temperament Sorter to people and firms worldwide. [We] provide analysis through a number of reports. They include valuable insights.

Click the image below to access Keirsey”s free test. Answer brief questions. Complete the test in a few minutes. View results. Fill in the simple registration.

Free personality tests. There are two choices for each question. If both seem to apply, choose the one most comfortable. for you. There are no right or wrong answers. Half the people agree with whatever choice you make.



15 Replies to “Free Personality Tests: Traitify and Keirsey”

  1. I personally love personality test because it allows a person to get to know themselves a bit better. I took the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test and I got the personality type ENFJ. Even though I am really on the fence of extroversion and introversion, I think this test was very accurate. I am very intuitive, make decision based on how I feel, and I have a judging structure on my life.

  2. I never believed that a personality test was a true representation of my personality. I completed both tests and was shocked to see that the results are somewhat accurate. However, I do not think firms should use these tests as a way of hiring people (speed hiring). The traitify test was pretty accurate and came to a conclusion that I am extremely invested in the people around me and am very detail oriented. Therefore, personality tests can actually make you aware of your strengths, as well as your weaknesses, and ultimately help to get a better general understanding of yourself.

  3. I made a point of never taking personality tests. I do not think that one person can be described with three letters or certain key words that they might use to describe a “type”. Some of the companies that make these tests market them very well to the point of being obsessed with their results. As for companies using the results as hiring tools. They just do not seem very accurate to show how a person will act.

    1. Agreed. But they do provide some interesting insights into oneself. And these two examples are totally anonymous (your eyes only). Also, even though we may question the validity of these tests, many employers use some kind of standardized testing.

  4. I find the notion of a personality questionable, I do believe it is a strong attribute to know yourself well. From this you can identify weakness and better align yourself in the business world to be more productive. However I don’t think a short online test can reveal much about yourself. I see this more as a jumping of point to get taste of what category you may fit in and consider how true that is to you. If you get a result that you don’t think fits you but is positive than you should use that as motivation to work towards being that person.

  5. I do not like personality tests. I took both the tests and I never feel that a personality test gets anything correct. I think that could also be because I very much work differently in a working environment then in my personal life. I think personality tests ask decision based questions, but in reality decisions are all situational. Someone could be taking a personality test and relating the questions to decisions they have or would make in their personal life. A different person might be taking the same test but responding as if they were making these decisions in a place of work. The outcomes of these two tests would be entirely different and dependent on how the person read the questions when taking the test. I don’t think employers should ever use these as a foundation for hiring people, because personality tests inaccurately categorize people. Secondly, the tests take so much away from a person, and you can never truly categorize a person because personalities are dynamic and always changing based on life experiences.

  6. I took the Traitify test and was marked as a planner/visionary which is accurate; however, I feel as though no matter what result they gave me, unless it was “likes math,” I would have seen it as accurate. These kinds of test results always seem to be vague and applicable to anyone. The Myers-Briggs Test is a really interesting and I believe one of the most accurate tests because it is so comprehensive and based on actual psychological/scientific study. There are so many outcomes that it makes it very individual, as personality tests should be. I think it’s worth it to pay to take that test, if not for any other reason than to get to know yourself better which is one of the most important things you can ever try to do.

  7. Despite never having taking a personality test in the past, I believe that the evaluation would not do any harm to granting a new outlook towards any individual’s persona and allow each person to more specifically identify how he or she can either benefit or seek to avoid particular areas of interest, tasks, or employments. Although there is the argument that these evaluations could be misused for marketing purposes by specific organizations to intrigue customers, there can be no harm in witnessing a seemingly different opinion as based on the listed goals of the analytics firm Traitify.

  8. I took the time to take both personality tests and have to say the results were pretty accurate. I do think these programs and test have been strategically and well designed. However, although they do illustrate certain part of your personality, they are not a definitive representation of a person. A person’s personality shouldn’t be seen as being static; it is dynamic. The personality test sums up a person in a few words, and while they do identify few key traits in a person, they do not identify the person themselves. A whole person cannot be seen identified in a few letters as there are parts that the test fails to account for. Employers shouldn’t use these tests to determine fit; they should look at the features and journey of a person as they have developed and use this information to make any judgement. What a person has done to become the person they are today is much more important than the final result.

  9. Many take personality quizzes on sites like Buzzfeed where you can find out your favorite movie based on which pasta you like. These are merely for fun yet there are quizzes out there like the sites provided here that can genuinely give you logical results however I notice that many quizzes are either one or the other while many of us are in-between. The quizzes I find the most useful are the ones that may help you narrow down the field you may want to peruse, other than those they rarely provide an accurate representation of ones personality.

  10. Personally and honestly, I regard the personality test as the astrology stuff which cannot convince me at all. I think that it is not precise to classify people by a bunch of questions. After all, every one is the unique in the world. Besides, the answers attached with the questions actually affect people’s response. For example, the answers might limit the respondents’ thought, and people tends to choose the “better” answers. Thus, understanding myself is my own task, and I don’t need to resort to other methods.

  11. I always love taking personality tests. The results are always so fun and interesting to see. However, I believe that people can’t always rely on their accuracy. I also believe that a person’s personality can’t be defined by a couple of words. There are so many traits and circumstances that make-up who a person is. Therefore, I believe that companies shouldn’t use them when trying to hire new people.

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