Are you cut out to be a leader? Can you develop the skills needed to be a leader? It’s not easy. Let’s focus on great business leadership tips.


Background: Great Business Leadership Tips

In February 2017, we presented two posts on leadership:


Great Business Leadership Tips

There is much to learn from these two infographics. But, there is also much more to learn!

As Michael Simmons writes for CNBC: “Being among the best gets more and more demanding with each passing year. Each generation of champions develops a body of best practices. The next generation must learn them and then build upon them, leaving those who come after them with even more to learn to get up to speed. And the cycle continues.”

The first video below gives advice for great leadership: “According to former Google career coach Jenny Blake, the best bosses don’t need to be feared or loved. They just need to listen. .”


The second video relates to hiring the best talent: “Entrepreneur and host of CNBC’s “The Profit,” Marcus Lemonis shares his trick to finding new talent.”


To read more from Simmons about leadership, click the image.

Great Business Leadership Tips. CNBC story.
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16 Replies to “Great Business Leadership Tips”

  1. These are certainly useful videos and advice, and I find the tips accurate. In fact, it correlates with that we are learning currently in my management class. There are different types of leaders, some effective, and some not. However certain personalities fit certain leadership roles.

  2. Having great leadership skills is essential for the business world. I get a good taste of leadership in the form of my position as a Resident Assistant for first year students at Hofstra. It takes an equal balance of abiding by the rules and enforcing them, as well as being a friendly and approachable person they may reach out to. Of course one can always improve their skills.

  3. Very useful videos. Leadership is extremely important in the business world. It goes way beyond being the smartest guy in the room or a strong presence. Leadership builds culture for everyone and these videos show that communication and the ability to hire those who share same values you want can make the difference.

  4. The videos provide very insightful advice and opinions. All too often, employees see problems that are more difficult for managers to observe, Hofstra’s IBM speaker Robert Thomas went into depth on this during his presentation. Sometimes managers don’t want to see from the employees perspective, and it would help create a better leader in many cases if managers would just listen. Robert Thomas also pointed out that if the manager does not see the issue, it is up to the employee to better explain/portray the problem.

  5. Leadership skills are crucial in the workplace and can really improve the way business flows within a company. Good leadership skills can improve productivity, intelligence, and communication between co-workers. The first video focused on the importance of active listening in conversation. I think that active listening is so important and can really change the outcome of the situation.

  6. Those videos are super useful and i think i should really look into that. Being a leader, in my point of view, is not that easy, but your ability to lead people is very important in work places.

  7. We have lots of chances in school to be a leader like doing projects or promoting an idea. So being a good leader is worthy to learn hard. As the article mentioned, we need to respect and hear partners, work together to finish a job happily.

  8. As I stated in my comment on the start-up article, I am in the process of building up my own business so articles such as these are such a major help. Leadership skills are what is going to push me to be the best I can. Such a well put together post and the videos were very helpful!

  9. In my point of view, a leader needs to motivate his or her subordinates working passion and helps them solve problems they can’t do by themselves. We all know to become a leader is hard, but this article tells us a more detailed method to improve leadership, efficiently listening as well as recruiting productive employees.

  10. Undoubtedly, this article provides more detail in teaching us how to improve the related ability to become a good leader. From my point of view, it’s definitely not easy to become a leader. However, still you can find that the leaders among big brands are quiet different. They own different personalities as well as the way they lead the companies. Jack Ma and Ren Zhengfei, these two guys own different personality and ways of working. However, this does not matter since we can not ignore fact that both of them are great leaders for Alibaba and Huawei respectively.

  11. It’s no doubt that leadership is real important nowadays. Most of the position would have a requirement about leadership skill. It’s a learning and practicing process. You need to practice to find out how to be a good leader in different situation with different group members, because with different people and situation, you may act as a leader with different characteristic.

  12. Leadership is a major skill that companies look for in new hires and it’s an essential skill for bosses. Bosses that listen to their employees foster good relationships with employees and creates a positive workplace environment. Bosses that are feared aren’t effective because it suppresses the flow of ideas and doesn’t motivate employees in the long run.

  13. This reminds me of my management class. In that class there were various types of leaders that could all succeed. However, it depends on the situation such as who your workers are and what tasks need to be accomplished. Are you workers motivated or unmotivated? Are the tasks simple or complicated? It’s important to evaluate your situation and see what is required of you as a leader instead of believing that one size fits all.

  14. This is a good and interesting article. For all the employees, if someone get the skills on leadership, it will be more competitive in the company and easier to get a higher position. This article is very useful.

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