As with large firms, tracking small business trends is imperative. IF small firms want to adapt to the marketplace! To best face competition, they must do so.

Before studying trends, read these posts:

Now, we turn to 2018 small business trends.


Tracking Small Business Trends

So, what’s up next for small business? And how should firms prepare for them.

As Evan Brown reports for

“Small businesses have always played a vital role in economic growth because they are known for creating more jobs than their larger counterparts as SBA reports. But even though small businesses have seen an immense growth due to the introduction of the Internet, it is quite difficult to properly market themselves. A report by the National Small Business Association states that a decrease in consumer spending, economic uncertainty, and cost of health insurance benefits are the reasons behind the failure of a business.”

That is where this article comes in. 2018 looks to provide a slew of fantastic marketing opportunities that will allow small businesses to truly stand out. And I have taken the liberty of listing 18 small business trends that can help them do just that.”

Here are three of these trends. To see the other fifteen, click here.

Experiential Marketing

“Thanks to social media, customer engagement allows firms to better appease their target audience. In fact, consumers are encouraged to take part in the growth of a business. And we call this experiential marketing.”

Tracking Small Business Trends -- Experiential Marketing

Crowdfunding a Growing Source for Small Businesses

“In the past couple of years, the concept of crowdfunding has largely increased. It serves as a platform that allows brands to seek funding from online users to help fund their project before it is developed and released to the public.”

Tracking Small Business Trends -- Crowdfunding

Opportunities for Voice-Optimized Content

Given how much easier voice search is compared to typing, it won’t be long before most marketers begin to optimize content for voice search.

Tracking Small Business Trends -- Voice Searches

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