There are many great online resources for small business, including the Web sites of Small Business Administration, Entrepreneur, and Inc. They deal with a variety of topics to assist startups and other small businesses. In addition, there are numerous blogs that focus on information and advice specifically geared to small businesses.

Recently, CreditMonkey published “Best Small Business Marketing Blogs 2016: Top Experts to Follow.”   Here  are some of CreditMonkey’s choices. Check them out:

Click on the image to see why these are considered top blogs — and to see more blogs cited by CreditMonkey.


14 Replies to “Best Blogs for Small Business”

  1. These blogs provide information which is important to start-up firms. Especially,, it posts articles like “how to use Wechat”, “how to tell a story” and some role models of building content marketing. These articles are really useful to new firms so that they learn and conclude the ways to success.
    Also, when I am building my blog, I can learn the format and content how these blogs use in order to polish my blog articles.

  2. It is very useful to have these marketing blogs for everybody’s convenience because you get fresh insight and new perspectives on advice you may need. When starting a new business or even redesigning the one you already have, you may not have somebody to turn to with you encounter a problem. Luckily these blogs provide great insight to what you need to do and gives you diverse advice for the success of your company.

  3. Peter King Blog
    I read several blogs about using technology to market businesses. I found it interesting, that Peter King’s blog was focused on the idea of contradictory information regarding a review for a hotel-casino. The review of the service and atmosphere was praised, but overall it had a one-star rating.

  4. I looked through a few of the blogs that were listed on this post and I liked that many of them featured several posts dedicated to blogging techniques inspired by current trends or even ways in which bloggers can utilize the newest wave of social media fads to attract site traffic. I know that when I visit a blog, I’m more likely to stay on the page if the topics are relevant to my interests or to the current trends. As a result I am more likely to read and take their advice. Not only are these blogs utilizing cultural trends to give advice, but they are also gaining more traffic to their own blog simultaneously.

  5. The blog owned by Michael Hyatt gave me an idea what should I put on my resource page. I wanted to share my knowledge and skills with my readers.
    When I click one button, the page directs me to another content, instead of having a different page. In my opinion, it is better to open another page for the new content, so that their visitors stay with the blog more time and do not accidently close the blog.

  6. After reading this, I get into the Jeff Bullas’ Blog and find these blogs are so useful for branding your blog. I like the blog ” How To Make Complete Strangers Fall in Love With Your Blog”. Yeah, we need to stand out our blogs to others because of so many new blogs popping up on the web every day. People are more likely to stay on the page if the topics are relevant to their interests or to the current trends. So, it is a good start to make stranger who just pass by like your blog.

  7. It is exceptionally valuable to have these showcasing online journals for everyone’s benefit since you get crisp knowledge and new points of view on exhortation you may require. At the point when beginning another business or notwithstanding upgrading the one you as of now have, you might not have some individual to swing to with you experience an issue. Fortunately these web journals give incredible knowledge to what you have to do and gives you differing guidance for the achievement of your organization. My personal favorite is Timothy Ferriss’ Five hour work week.

  8. In the world that we live in, it is important to set yourself apart from all the other millions of ideas especially for small businesses. There needs to be unique ideas in the business for people to want to be a part of it. These kinds of blogs really help businesses set themselves apart especially when it comes to being updated on the technology aspect of marketing. My parents own a motel and I will definitely be showing them some of these websites.

  9. It has always been such a challenge in running a successful small business. It is so important for these companies to use any help they can get. Using advice from people like Michael Hyatt is necessary because it allows people to keep their business ahead of the curve. Almost all start-up companies need to be on social media and have an active presence in the digital world today to be successful.

  10. Jeffbullas’s website is really helpful and i found a lot useful information about social media world, techniques of how to grow your own business and also how to use digital tools to analyze your business data. I will keep learning from all those website, they are really practical.

  11. Afte opening my blog and writing some blogs, I realize that blogs will provide many useful information and knowledge for a startup company. As for a new company, its mangers can learn a lot of experience from experienced administrative staffs’ blogs. For example, I have learnt some useful tips from the Marketo Blog. What’s more, blog is also an economical and effective way to advertise their company.

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