Thanksgiving weekend is a big selling time. Consider that for firms of any size. But, most attention focuses on larger firms. Yet, tomorrow, we encourage you to participate. Small Business Saturday 2017. Support Local Businesses.

As we know, small businesses need all the help they can get:


What Is Small Business Saturday?

In 2010, American Express founded Small Business Saturday. The goal: To stimulate local shopping:

“It’s 2010. And small businesses hurt from an economy in recession. To support these firms, American Express launches Small Business Saturday. And schedules it on the Saturday of Thanksgiving week. By one year post-launch, local officials across the nation took notice. And they promoted the day. In 2011, the U.S. Senate passed a resolution for Small Business Saturday.”

“By 2012, officials came from all 50 states. And it got a shout-out from the U.S. President. In 2013, 1,450+ people and entities entered to be Neighborhood Champions. They rallied their communities with events and activities. By 2016, that number increased to 6,700+ Neighborhood Champions. They represented all 50 states. In addition, business groups, nonprofit trade groups, cities, towns, and others engaged. To that end, they formed a Small Business Saturday Coalition. And 100 corporations lend their official support.”

In sum, as we noted before. Nestled between Black Friday and Cyber Monday lies “Small Business Saturday.” And it generates billions of dollars in revenues each year.


Small Business Saturday 2017. Support Local Businesses.


Small Business Saturday 2017. Support Local Businesses.

Small Business Saturday has come a long way. To start, check out the Facebook page. Click the image.


The U.S. Small Business Administration participates. “Saturday, November 25, 2017 is Small Business Saturday®. On that day, celebrate and support small businesses. And all they do for their communities. Please join the SBA and others across the country, Support local small business by shopping there.For shoppers, find small businesses in your area.



22 Replies to “Small Business Saturday 2017. Support Local Businesses.”

  1. This is a topic that is really new and attractive to me. After reading this article, I have a better understanding of what small business Saturday is. Thanks for the sharing, happy thanksgiving.

  2. Now that today is Saturday, I will actually be shopping for Small Business Saturday. There are many stores in my town that have deals today, and it is great to see the support they get today, right in between the major days Black Friday an Cyber Monday.

  3. Small business provides lots of working opportunities. However, compare with big companies, they are more likely to be influenced by the economic recession. In this case, Small Business Saturday is an excellent chance for small business to introduce themselves to more customers with lower advertisement cost.

  4. I personally have not really participated in small business Saturday for two reasons: the first being that I am not a big shopper, and second being that my town doesn’t have many small business retail stores. I don’t really shop unless I really want something, so I always knew Thanksgiving was a big time for sales but I have never really participated myself. Also my town has local mechanics and grocery stores, but I don’t see them advertising sales during Thanksgiving. I am sure if I lived in a community with more local retail stores people would support them on this day.

  5. I love what small business Saturday represents. It’s a special day to remind ourselves to support and encourage small business development. Small businesses typically represent local producers, and supporting them helps to develop a sense of identity in the community.

  6. This year was the first time I had heard of Small Business Saturday, and I went to a local craft show. Everyone there was so appreciative of people coming out to support their businesses instead of going to the mall or department store. It was a much more humbling experience than the mobs at the mall.

  7. Small business Saturday is the special day during the Thanksgiving week, and between Black Friday and Cyber Monday.The day of this Saturday is really smart! It is very important and is a good chance for those small business to give some deals with the customer. It is the easy way to help small business to develop, and it really encourage customer to pay more attention for this local business.

  8. In regards to shopping on Small Business Saturday, I do so if there was a small business that I would want to support. But I wouldn’t use a holiday to support them but I would continuously shop there throughout the year. The timing of the American Express holiday was particularly interesting in regard to the economic timeline over the last decade.

  9. Had the chance to learn a little bit about Small Business Saturday yesterday at work, as we were promoting the whole day and handing out special bags designed just for the “holiday”. It was interesting to see so many people take part in actually bringing their business to smaller places to help.

  10. This is an interesting holiday that I was not aware of. I’m obviously familiar with Black Friday and Cyber Monday but this is new to me. Seeing as large corporations usually dominate Friday and Monday due to their large resources, it is good to see the promotion of small businesses. Seeing that it was started in 2010, it makes sense that it’s relatively unknown still but it is hopefully gaining more traction. I would definitely encourage anyone to support small businesses on this holiday along with any other day.

  11. Small business Saturday is something that was unfamiliar to me until I read this post. I find it a smart idea since big companies usually get more press and business. Its a good idea to help these small local businesses out because they do get harder during a said recession as opposed to big companies

  12. Small businesses are so important to this country. In towns and rural areas where there aren’t a lot of corporations/large businesses, small businesses are what give people jobs and fuel the local economy. My dad owns a small business in our rural town in MA. There are no big businesses in my town other than Dunkin’ Donuts, so I have seen first hand how only local businesses can support a community. I love the idea of Small Business Saturday, and I think it should be more widely advertised.

  13. Small Business Saturday is a great initiative by American Express. I highly support this concept since I enjoy shopping at local businesses due to the quality of their goods and services and the good feeling I get out of supporting the local community. In addition, Small Business Saturday is promoted on a smart day between Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

  14. I have actually never heard of Small Business Saturday before this post. Although I didn’t support and participate in this event, I do believe it is super important in order to help and keep small businesses from going out of business. I feel like this day isn’t talked about much and should be acknowledged more throughout the world.

  15. I haven’t participated in Small Business Saturday neither, but I do understand its importance. With shopping locally, we are supporting creating and maintaining jobs, keeping tax dollars local, and helping those families who own or depend on the business live well. I should take more interest in shopping locally because small stores tend to have more unique products in comparison to those mass produced products rolled about by giant super stores like Walmart or Target.

  16. I have never heard of small business Saturday until this year, when a friend mentioned it as a suggestion for what we could do that day. I’m glad I have read this post then, because my friend did not know much about the consumer holiday and neither did I, so we decided not to participate in it. Now I believe this is an important day to do a lot of shopping on. I have never considered the impact that Black Friday makes on small businesses. Many local businesses must get overshadowed by large corporations that are able to afford giving huge product discounts. This post has enlightened me and now allows me to participate in small business Saturday in the years to come now that I’ve learned more about it.

  17. Small business Saturday is an excellent way to support your local community grow and move forward. Supporting small businesses is something a lot of people tend to stray away from for potential savings at larger wholesalers and franchises. Shopping at your local stores will allow the experience to be more personable, and generally quicker, since you won’t have to search through a huge facility to find what you need. I went out for brunch in my town and supported a local restaurant that I normally wouldn’t have eaten at had it not been small business Saturday while on break from school.

  18. This article excatly explain what small business Saturday is. I think small Saturday give a lot of working oppotunities to people and fuel local economics. Compared with big company, small business is good for small town or countryside. Besides, I think small business is more attractive for me. They have more new and interesting ideas. It will really drivie the local economic.

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