In sum, we discuss marketing career planning and career development here. Above all, it considers the question: Is marketing for you? Because of the importance of career planning, we have had many posts. And the examples cut across all areas of interest:


Next, videos on marketing career planning and development address:


Is marketing for you?


Of course, a career path is vital in marketing career planning. According to Career One Stop, as to the marketing manager’s role:

Relevant for us!! “Description: Plan, direct, or coordinate marketing policies and programs. Determine the firm’s demand for goods and services and its competitors. Be clear to identify potential customers. Further, develop pricing strategies to increase profits or market share. And ensure customer satisfaction. Besides, oversee product development and monitor trends for new products.”

To show this, Career One Stop offers a marketing manager video.



Last, these links cover marketing career planning and development:


This post discusses marketing career planning and marketing career development. And it addresses the career question: Is marketing for you? Since career development information is so valuable, Evansonmarketing has previously published diverse posts.
What are the most skills that job applicants will need to have in the future? Are you striving to obtain them?


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  1. As a PR major there is a lot in common with marketing. Both you need very good communication and creative skills to be successful in these careers. Seeing the poster “What Will Be The 10 Most In-Demand Jobs In 2020” there is not any communication jobs or PR jobs however there is marketing specialist, which is comforting to see at least that. In the next coming years the competition for jobs will get fiercer. To be successful you will need to be well versed in communicating, problem solving, negotiation and many other skills just to land a job.

  2. According to the “Today’s Hot Jobs” post, finance is number nine on the list. As a finance major, I have a great outlook on what the job market will look like when I graduate. Based off the Guthrie Jensen poster, I can see many attributes and skills that apply to Marketing majors can apply to finance majors. I could see myself dipping into the marketing field, but I feel I am better suited for the major I chose because I enjoy math problems and money management.

  3. While a lot of these skills are extremely good to have and will help you to succeed in the realm of business especially in 2020, there is nothing really new about them. These skills are important in today’s world as well and some might say that you could fall below the bar without them.

  4. Let’s bring this post back to life given we are headed into 2020. The predications from the infographic with data analysis at the forefront seem to be true. However, I’d probably place software developers higher than customer service reps and sales and marketing specialist. It is interesting in the course of 3 years we have made significant strides in renewable energy and AI but we definitely have a ways to go.

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