Are YOU forward-looking in YOUR career skills in looking to the future? Click here for a post we ran last year on this subject.

Below is a new infographic on job skills from Guthrie Jensen. As Guthrie Jensen reports:

“In a future where machines seem to be taking the place of humans, ‘human skills’ become increasingly important. These are the skills that would take years to be replicated by machines if it becomes possible down the road. Creative problem solving tops the list of most essential skills in 2020. The ability to look at problems from different perspectives and come up with effective solutions is a valuable skill to have, given the increasing number of technological innovations that could crop up in the next few decades.”

“While half of the skills needed to thrive in the future are related to cognitive functioning, the other half are more connected to making human connections at work. Collaborating with others on huge projects is a must, as more and more companies will be utilizing agile strategies with their teams to accomplish their goals. Self-awareness or knowing what you feel and managing your emotions is also a top requirement in the future, especially for leadership and managerial positions. Companies will try to keep up with the pace of technology, and they’ll need more competent and flexible leaders that can take on many hats to rally their team and steer the company in the right direction.”



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