We recently published several posts about your self-branding through your life and your career (1, 2, 3, 4). YouTube clips were included.

So, what happens when there is a disconnect between our perceived self-brand (how we see ourselves) and how we want to be perceived by others?

John Rampton recently wrote an article for Inc. on “25 Reasons You Are Not as Successful as You Should Be.” His reasons are closely related to  self-branding disconnects which result in unfavorable perceptions of us by others.

Here are some of his reasons. Would you want to be perceived like this by others? Are these points true about you? If they are true, then you need to change your behavior. If they are false perceptions, then you need to better promote your self-brand!

  • “You’re Lazy”
  • “You’re Spending Too Much Time on Social Media”
  • “You Never Finish What You Start”
  • “You Don’t Believe in Yourself” [and you project this to others]
  • “You Feel Entitled”
  • “You Obsess Over Things That Aren’t Important”
  • “You’re Not As Productive As You Could Be”
  • “You Focus Too Much on Money”
  • “You’re Not Passionate”
  • “You’re a Negative Thinker”
  • “You Aren’t Constantly Learning”
  • “You Don’t Network”

Click the image to read more about the above reasons for self-branding disconnects — and to read the rest of Rampton’s 25 reasons.



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