Learn about the many opportunities and challenges facing those interested in a career in business. The latest data are included. Lots of data!!

Outline of Topics:
  • General Hints
  • Background Data By Occupation
  • Long-term Trends
  • Hot Long-term Business Career Opportunities
  • Bureau Of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook
  • LinkedIn
  • “Find A Job” Resources



6 Replies to “FREE: 2017 Edition of Careers in Business”

  1. I am surprised to see that the doctoral degree holder’s median weekly earning is less than that of the professional degree holder. Also, advertising and marketing managers are listed to have faster growth but i feel with social media takign over it might be skewed. Overall, an excellent handbook.

  2. As I am personally on a career change track, I find this handbook particularly interesting. I am surprised to see the median salaries are what they are listed for some of these industries. But further, my biggest gripe is job descriptions/industries showing convoluted descriptions within a posting. It makes for a confused applicant! Definitely will take in mind some of the hints from the handbook as i search!

  3. I found the table of unemployment rates by degree earned interesting however it is a number that doesn’t necessarily equate to having a job suited for the degree that one earned. People who choose to go further in their education are driven, may have specific goals they wish to accomplish but also may have increased debt due to education or different lifestyles and may be working at entry level jobs to earn a living. A chart needs to compare this unemployment rate to the difficulty of the job that they are working at and if their higher degree was needed to obtain the job because of the skills they have or are they bored and simply earning a paycheck.

  4. As social media continues to grow, networking is becoming increasingly important. Companies are using social media to conduct background checks and individuals must be aware of the consciouses their post may have on landing an interview.

  5. I find this very useful and provides a concrete list of items I should be working on. Throughout school this type of information is not provided, on how to make yourself more marketable and it is more of a trial and error. I am currently in the midst of changing careers, but I have not decided what path I want to go. My current SVP during discussion stated she continues to conduct SWOT analysis on herself. In my head I though this is an item the SVP does and now realizing I should also conduct regularly. This framework is something I will print out and utilize in assisting with my career, as it also provides a job description, degree needed and salary.

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