The movie industry is always looking for new ways to maximize revenues and create buzz with the public. With this in mind, WatchMojo has a fun new video on the top game-changing Hollywood films:

“Movies that were so iconic that they created lasting and deep trends that changed the way films are made, through their stories, special effects, and CGI. WatchMojo presents the Top 10 Movies that Started Industry Trends. But what will take the top spot on our list? X-Men starting the Superhero craze, Jaws creating the need for annual summer blockbusters, or The Avengers starting the shared universe craze? Watch to find out!”



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  1. Matrix was definitely on my top list for sure. It felt as if its been forever since the first one came out. I also feel that even though movies are now broken into series but in most of the sequential movies, its usually the first one that is usually the best.

  2. I find it interesting now that the film industry is spending a huge part of budget on movie remakes. It seems that this concentration truly hopes to capture/recreate original interest from those who watched the first version but also gain viewership with new consumers.

  3. The American Film Institute has been scoring and rating movies for years coming up with lists of “the best”. I think to have a list to determine which movies started the trends that get people talking and watching certain movies again and again is very important. The entertainment industry reflects the culture of yesterday and today while shaping what we do tomorrow. Having benchmarks to reflect how technology and innovation are implemented and seen through the camera helps to provide for tangible comparisons rather than primarily intangible characteristics of emotions. Comparing how movies made you feel or expressing the news of the day is more subjective to those providing the critiques.

  4. Definitely agree with Nitsan, when was the last time Hollywood had an original idea. With the enormous cost to produce a movie, studios are now more than ever afraid to take risks. How many more superhero remakes are they going to make before the consumer has had enough.

  5. The movie industry is finicky it is hard to tell what will be a blockbuster. Movie audiences can take a movie with a small budget and/or that is unknown making it millions of dollars. Yet, there could be movies made that are perceived to be blockbusters and are become dudes. One particular series of movies that when first started was a blockbuster and that was Transformers. When it first came out, Transformers was the “IT” movie. We are now 5 Transformer movies in and the question is how many more ways can robots want to destroy and save the world

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