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When searching for a job, are you effective? There are many excellent digital tools that can assist you in undertaking a better job search.

As Maria Onzain writes for

“Do you feel your job hunt efforts are inefficient? Do you want to jump-start your career but not sure how to do it? Using the right technology will help you build up a winning resume faster. Each of these digital tools will help you in the different phases of your job hunt.”

  • With Uptowork, “choose one of 20 templates in 400 colors and let this resume generator guide you. Once you have filled out all the sections, you will be able to edit and personalize it before getting a URL to share. From the dashboard, you can to track your resume’s performance and check how many times it has been seen and downloaded by recruiters.”
  • Use Grammarly to “make make sure your resume and cover letter are error-free. Copy and paste your resume in this platform, and you will instantly see if you have made any grammar mistakes.”
  • Through Jobscan, you can “check if your resume is tailored to the job description. Jobscan optimizes your resume keywords against the job description. All you need to do is paste your resume and the job description, and it will scan it for you.”
  • With GlassDoor, you can “get to know companies inside out. You can search for hundreds of companies all over the world and find precious information including, but not limited to, first-hand employees reviews, salary expectations, and details about the enterprise’s specific recruiting process.”
  • JobHero can “help you manage the whole job searching process. With the smart browser extension, you can save job opportunities from across the Web and you can access a personal dashboard to track the application process.”

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11 Replies to “GREAT Tools to Assist You in a Job Search”

  1. Now I am looking for a job. And I think some websites really helps me and some are no use for me. Luckily, I have the career center to help me revise the resume. Currently, I use and to search for a job and these really helps me. But before I use these two webs, I used Handshake to search the job and it was helpless for me. So here is other web I can try, such as JobHero.

  2. This article is very useful for people who are looking for a job and don’t know what steps to take. I know many qualified people that are interesting in finding a job, however they don’t know what each workplace is looking for in particular. These digital tools provide the answers to any questions someone may run across, therefore making it very useful.

  3. I had trouble on starting my job search process months ago and realized that there are better ways in approaching my job search process after reading this article. Particularly using websites JobHero (to search for job opportunities), Jobscan (to have the best resume I can have), and UptoWork (to get my resume out to recruiters). I plan on looking into all of these websites.

  4. I tried Grammarly and found it also offers a software for Microsoft Office. It is really useful and efficient. No matter I edit my blog or revise my resume, it always helps. Moreover, JOBSCAN offers me a chance to preview whether my resume can match what companies are looking for.

  5. As a matter of fact, tehre is a lot of websites help you to build resume, find jobs and track application. I use to search internships. I prefer this website is because the reply rate is high and you will get your feedback quickly comparing other job searching website.

  6. This article lists great resources for those searching for a job. I know that finding a job after graduation can be challenging, but with the right tools applying for a job can be easier. Building a resume can be a daunting task but a strong resume is essential for any professional. LinkedIn is a very popular website that connects employers with potential employees, and I believe that the website would benefit from having a feature similar to these websites. The websites listed provide helpful and detailed information.

  7. This is super useful especially for our international students. I already use Grammarly for a few months, it’s even more sensitive than the Microsoft Word, can guarantee my emails, my writings are error-free, make me more confident and efficient. The point I am saying is that sometimes we do need to embrace the great development of high-tech, tools can enhance the quality of our work and life.

  8. I love this article because I am somebody looking for an internship for the upcoming summer, and will be looking for a full time job after graduation. LinkedIn and Handshake are two of the main sites I have been using to network and apply for positions, but I am certainly open to other sites. This post made me visit a lot of the listed sites, and job hero was my favorite. It is so specific to a position as it tries to perfect your resume and cover letter for a specific position, which is incredible.

  9. This is a really helpful post! As an international student, I am always afraid of making errors in my grammar. After using Grammarly, I feel more relaxed because Grammarly will correct my errors in time and will help me express my opinions. Glassdoor is also a good website for me to look for jobs. When looking for jobs, I value the working environment of the company more than the reputation of the company. Glassdoor gives me the resources that I want and help me know deeply about each company.

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