When searching for a job, are you effective? There are many excellent digital tools that can assist you in undertaking a better job search.

As Maria Onzain writes for Tech.co:

“Do you feel your job hunt efforts are inefficient? Do you want to jump-start your career but not sure how to do it? Using the right technology will help you build up a winning resume faster. Each of these digital tools will help you in the different phases of your job hunt.”

  • With Uptowork, “choose one of 20 templates in 400 colors and let this resume generator guide you. Once you have filled out all the sections, you will be able to edit and personalize it before getting a URL to share. From the dashboard, you can to track your resume’s performance and check how many times it has been seen and downloaded by recruiters.”
  • Use Grammarly to “make make sure your resume and cover letter are error-free. Copy and paste your resume in this platform, and you will instantly see if you have made any grammar mistakes.”
  • Through Jobscan, you can “check if your resume is tailored to the job description. Jobscan optimizes your resume keywords against the job description. All you need to do is paste your resume and the job description, and it will scan it for you.”
  • With GlassDoor, you can “get to know companies inside out. You can search for hundreds of companies all over the world and find precious information including, but not limited to, first-hand employees reviews, salary expectations, and details about the enterprise’s specific recruiting process.”
  • JobHero can “help you manage the whole job searching process. With the smart browser extension, you can save job opportunities from across the Web and you can access a personal dashboard to track the application process.”

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8 Replies to “How to Be Better in Your Job Search”

  1. God! These websites are AMAZING!!! I was just editing my resume seconds ago. And then I read this post!!! I like these samples on Uptowork and am now confusing which sample I should use. They will definitely help me cuz a Career Fair will be held on November. I hope I can take one point through revising my resume.

  2. It is so great and useful. I am going to graduate and find a job, it is really useful to me. I used Indeed and glassdoor when i search for the Internship, but it is not enough. I like Grammarly so much cause i always have problem on grammar. It can not only use to fix resume but also for my paper.

  3. This post is really helpful. Before reading this, I’ve never heard of any of these websites. I’m currently in the process of creating my resume in hopes of getting an internship. These tools will help me detect errors in not only my resume, but also my papers for other classes. Also, JobHero and GlassDoor can actually assist me in my job search and help me learn about the companies that I could potentially work for. Now that I know about these sites, I will definitely make use of them.

  4. This post is very helpful! With all the junk that is floating around on the internet these days, it can be hard to find websites that are actually legit compared to ones that are trying to scam you. It is nice to see a few recommendations that will help in my future where I wont have to worry about whether it will all just be a scam. Great post!

  5. I love the Jobscan!!! We usually spend little time actually on the applying process in job-searching but plenty of time reading the requirements and qualifications, which is really wasting time. We can really save this part of time to apply more jobs online!!! It is so necessary for us and it comes to me at the perfect time!! Thank you for sharing!!

  6. This is very helpful! I’m currently on the search for a job and this has helped me save time. I’m editing my resume and grammarly was very helpful. Prior to this I never used these nor did I hear of them. Glassdoor helped me get an insight on companies I was interested in. These websites are very helpful and plan to use them more in the future.

  7. Out of these five websites I have only heard of “Grammarly.” These all seem like very valuable tools to use as I go back and edit my resume. I find that sending my resumes to other people who know how construct them is very helpful but these websites are very useful if I am looking for a more immediate answer. I would have never thought of a website such as “Jobscan;” the concept of it is so smart. I will keep these websites in mind as I continually edit my resume.

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