Each year, Universum publishes the results of its extensive surveys in various fields and countries/regions. This post covers Universum’s 2016 survey of more than 72,000 U.S. students (more than 20,000 business majors) at 359 universities and colleges about the most attractive employers for those interested in business careers.

For job candidates, the benefits of these surveys is obvious. But they are also essential for potential employers too. According to Universum:

“Today’s businesses operate in a highly competitive employment landscape, and you can gain valuable insight into how your organization is perceived by tomorrow’s workforce with the results of Universum’s 2016 Most Attractive Employers ranking based on student talent in the USA.”

Here are the top most attractive employees, based on Universum’s U.S. survey. [Number 10 is an especially interesting choice]:

5 Replies to “2016 Most Attractive Employers According to U.S. Students”

  1. I am not surprised by these results at all. with the new way millennials want to work, and constantly need everything these top companies have quickly and successfully adapted to those standards. After going to college fairs and talking to recruiters about what they offer, I found that working at one of those top companies is only half of the potential you get from working there.

  2. It makes sense to me that these companies are on top.People want a job in high end companies because they believe they will get more out of working there. They believe they will get better pay, experience, and benefits if the company is very successful. The top ten are all companies that if you stopped someone in the street and ask them if they’ve heard of even half of those names, almost everyone will say yes. People are attracted to what they believe they will get the most out of. They also trust going to bigger companies because they already know that the company is successful and they feel more secure.

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