As we noted recently, companies are finding greater uses for the emoji (“a small digital image or icon used to express an idea, emotion, etc.”) in their marketing efforts.

Pepsi will start using emojis in FIVE-SECOND TV ads later this month, according to E.J. Schultz writing, for Advertising Age:

“For Pepsi, short is sweet when it comes to ads, which is why it is taking the unusual step of running five-second TV ads to support the cola’s new emoji-designed bottles. The brand will run more than 100 online and TV ads beginning in mid-May that are five seconds in length, a Pepsi spokeswoman confirmed. “Consumers want a shorter form of everything. This is our way of transforming media to make it more relevant to consumers.” The firm is also seeking to make ads as contextually relevant as possible. So an ad running during a baseball game will have a baseball theme.”

Here is a Pepsi’s YouTube teaser for the new emoji ads. ]Note: The teaser is about 40 seconds. 🙂 ]


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  1. I think that this is a really great idea. I’m not sure how well it’ll do on TV but if they advertise it online before youtube videos or something, it could have a really strong impact. Ever since Vine came out, company has started to pay people to advertise on there. Vines can only be 7 seconds long and the most popular people on there have come up with creative ways to advertise a product. It’s about time that companies have started to bring this idea to TV and the internet because a lot of consumer’s don’t want to watch a 30 second long ad anymore.

  2. This corporation with emoji is brilliant!! It is pretty interesting when I see the ads. Most of people get used to us emoji to show their feeling and attitude that this ads can attract more people. This ads is so active. I read some articles that emoji is going to create a movie by using their emoji. I can’t wait to see the movie!!!

  3. This video recalls my memories of an art class I took in high school. My teacher showed Pepsi’s ads at the beginning of every art class, then let us to talk about what we like or dislike about the ads. Personally, Pepsi have a very strong marketing team. Their ads are interesting and very attractive, especially for young people. I still remember Pepsi’s ads I saw at high school. There was a website we could see all Pepsi’s ads launched in Chinese market. They invited popular starts to be the spokesperson. They really understand what their target market like. Besides, there are many cooperation between famous brands, like Mercedes cooperate with Swarovski to launch crystal cars. This cooperation usually has positive effects on both brands.

  4. It’s brilliant to launch this emoji advertisement campaign. It reminds me of the Coke advertisement in AMC theatres that is also short and sweet. The adverstiement is short, but it’s impressive. It’s smart to combine the product with emoji, especially in today’s environment when people spend lots of time on the Internet and uses emoji to express their feelings everyday. I think the campaign will have a positive impact on Pepsi.

  5. I think this idea of a five second ad is great because it makes a statement with a short and simple approach. I think it may appear different on tv because not most commercials are this length. Although these ads are short, and they are creative especially with the use of emojis. I think the campaign will have positive feedback with this tactic.

  6. This is a great idea. “short is sweet”, as we know, in recent year, people start to live in a quick life tempo,everyone is busy, they don’t want to waste time in watching a long ad, in this case, a short and impressive ad will be a good choice for Pepsi.

  7. I think this Pepsi’s ad program is very interesting and attracting. Just like mentioned, audiences nowadays prefer shorter form. Especially for companies with strong awareness like Pepsi, more information may annoy audience. Also, TV advertising is no longer the core channel of ad program. Accompanied by the development of internet based entertainment method like digital video and social media, video ads have lot of limits. At least for me, I skip ads in YouTube videos as soon as possible. So, five seconds funny ads is good idea for Pepsi to promote its young and pop brand image.

  8. I think the idea is good. The Emoji advertising similar to Coke that put the people’s name on the bottle, which might attract consumers to buy it. In addition, rather than words, information from such simple pictures like Emoji can be much easily obtained by consumers.

  9. I like this idea, because ads on websites like youtube have ads that are usually around 15-30 seconds and some give the viewer the option to skip them. By making it only 5 seconds the viewer is not bothered by the ad, yet they still remember the product in it.

  10. This ad campaign reminds me of Coca-Cola’s bottle campaigns that have been going on recently. Hopefully this doesn’t flop like Coke’s “share a coke with” campaign did, as after you found your name on a bottle once, the charm was over. In terms of the ads themselves, going with 5 second ads makes more sense for online advertising. On YouTube you are given the option to skip ads after 5 seconds, and aside from a few funny ads, I skip every one. Consumers are used to viewing short videos and you can get a lot out of those 5 seconds. There are 6 second Vines, 10 second Snapchats, and 15 second Instagram videos. Consumers don’t have time to wait through an ad, and according to Time Magazine, 55% of users spend less than 15 seconds on a website (1). This means that they probably won’t see your ad if it’s a classic 30 second ad.

    Personally, I would watch way more ads if they were 10 seconds or less. Some ads are 60 seconds or longer and I don’t have the patience to watch the whole thing. Hopefully Pepsi nails this campaign, because a flop now doesn’t help their chances to compete with Coca-Cola this summer.


  11. In order to connect with today’s society and the way they think, this is a brilliant idea. It reminds me of the emoji pillows also. This is an example of taking your product and “innovating” it so that you’re really only changing its appearance. It’s done at little cost, the advertising connects with the audience, and it’s effective. Great idea.

  12. I think it is a great move for Pepsi. Emojis are the language of today, by using these people could understand it immediately. In my own case, I always use emoji to text my friend about my feelings. I think almost of young people are use emojis to express how they are feeling too. In addition, emojis as an universal language of emotions that transcends linguistic barriers, so we can communicate with different people from all over the world.

  13. I think it’s a great idea to bring in emojis in these short ads. First, the world is evolving really fast and emojis are in trend these days, so its a good move to change with time, have trending emojis in their ads, and then grab public’s attention. Second, pepsi has made it clear that they know people these days dont really care about the long commercials so I think its another great move to keep their ads short, simple and creative at the same time.

  14. This ad is able to reach out to the young people that might be buying your product. People that tend to use emojis tend to be younger people. Kids will see in the stores their favorite soda with a face that might get them to purchase that product. Even though I’m not a fan of using emojis I think that this a great idea by Pepsi to run these types of ads.

  15. I love this idea! The only thing that I am not sure how is going to work is putting this on television. Because most tv ads are longer that 5 seconds so i am not sure of the impact on television. The impact however online can be huge. If they put this on youtube when you have to wait for an ad to be over to watch a video, i think this would work great and people wouldn’t mind seeing this 5 second commercial because it is straight to the point and very creative and funny. I think this will succeed online. I am excited to see how they execute this on television though. Very creative!

  16. I think this idea is pretty brilliant! People have short attention as it is so cutting down advertisement time is definitely a good call. Also, the fact that Pepsi decided to include emojis is definitely another way to engage viewers due to the fact that we use emojis on a daily basis when talking to one another via text message.

  17. Emojis are becoming well known with the word being in the dictionary. Pepsi deciding to come out with this 5 second ad that features emojis on the bottle is a huge marketing idea. The brand already has to deal with other soda brands like Coca-Cola who had used many different marketing strategies that include changing their bottle. I think the idea of putting an emoji on the bottle is a good idea, but not the length of the ad. You can’t even wrap your head around whats going on before the ad is over. Yes, less is more but the consumer needs to be able to know whats happening before they are effected by the commercial.

  18. This 40 seconds teaser is so attractive. I believe the 5seconds edition will be more brief, interesting and updated. As the spokeswomen says that short is sweet, I agree with this idea because there are not any people want to watch long ads. This is a good idea for Pepsi’s marketing. Short is one brilliant point of this idea, another point must be emoji.More and more people are using emoji to show their feelings such as happy, exciting or even sad when they sending messages by mobile phone. Emoji is so popular and becomes a worldwide language which is no national boundaries in recent years.

  19. I think that this is a great idea! It is a current trend, meaning more people will want to buy the product and they are really fun! I think that this idea is a lot like Coca Cola’s idea of putting different names on their bottles. It interests the consumer on a different level. In addition, I think that the “short and sweet” commercial idea is very smart on the companies behalf. Consumers are more likely to pay attention for the entire commercial because it is short and too the point, which in turn makes it more memorable.

  20. Emoji is cute, so is this teaser. I love the idea of 5 seconds ad. Today people have no patience for long tv commercial. Even long tv commercial have a negative effect. 5 to 10 seconds ad is the new trend.

  21. This is such a brilliant idea! Especially because people have such short attention spans. I know that I personally will look forward to keeping up with the new Pepsi ads. As my mother has always said, I like things “short, sweet and too the point.” It is actually amazing how much a 5 second ad can impact what you reach for at the grocery store or in a vending machine. I can’t wait to see more of the cute Emoji clips featuring Pepsi!

  22. I think this a great marketing idea by Pepsi because emojis are becoming well known. More younger people will want to drink pepsi. It’s the same marketing strategy used by coca cola in the “Share a coke with” campaign. As the Add is only 5 seconds, it is perfect because consumers don’t like a long TV commercials, and it gets straight to the point. They could also use the emojis to transmit different messages. This campaign will be a good one.

  23. Making ads as contextually relevant is a interesting idea, but i think that it is definitely difficult for all themes. Certainly, some times the reason why people don’t like advertisments is they always disrupt people’ s feeling into a theme, and the idea that an ad running during a baseball game will have a baseball theme will reduce the passive emotion of customers. However, it is hard to form a emoji ads to match each kind of theme, for example, variable Tv shows and teleplay. I think the cost of these ads must be higher.

  24. Communication through words is no longer a things. Honestly I feel like emojis were a great invention that was created. It is a great way to express your feelings in couple of seconds, just like the Pepsi commercials are trying to show. It is also a great way to emphasis your message to someone and really show them how you feel. Sometimes, not going to lie, it’s not a good thing to have emojis to completely take over the message that is being said. But for commercial reasons, it is a good idea to give a quick way to advertise Pepsi’s products.

  25. This is such a great idea to make and ad short and sweet. A lot of times when consumers are faced with long advertisements they tune out the message taking away from the hard work that was put into making it. Several companies are employing the use of these short commercials. Recently Geico made use of this tactic with employing 9 second commercials that say ” Don’t thank me thank the savings” and then proceeds to say you can’t skip this geico ad because it is already over appealing to the markets humor and showing creativity. Communication is more affective with creativity, we tend to remember short and catchy commercials as opposed to 30 second informative ones.

  26. I think the idea of bringing emojis to the pepsi commercials are a great idea! Especially if they are going to make the commercials smaller and only few seconds, because personally and in my opinion having long more than 15 second commercials were annoying and people did not really pay attention, but if they will make it smaller and shorter people will not get tired of looking at it and will actually have fun. I know that coca cola does the emoji ideas in the AMC movie theatre, where they use the emojis to advertise their snacks and etc. So competition is always good within the companies, and to see what each side will come up with is the best part about it. I personally think this idea might be liked on the TV better.

  27. I think that this a great idea by Pepsi. The commercials that they created are short and to the point, which can be appealing to many consumers. I really enjoyed the commercial and thought that it was a smart idea to create short 5 second commercials to advertise their product.

  28. This is a brilliant idea! Everyone hates to watch long commercials, so I love the fact that they are changing their approach to cater to consumers. The use of the emoji-designed bottles is really going to be a game changer for pepsi since nowadays people are using emojis to express emotion, so it will be something that they are familiar with. However, I think that its going to be pretty difficult to make the ads contextually relevant.

  29. I think this is a great idea by Pepsi to incorporate emojis into their ads. Now a days technology has presented us with the ability to communicate via emojis. I also think it’s a good idea that they are running 5 seconds ads compared to running it longer. It’s short and sweet while getting the point across.

  30. Pepsi has been around for a while, so this seems like an odd move. People know the brand Pepsi already, along with their iconic logo. It looks like they’re trying to go after a different target demographic, namely the younger generation. This is so they can specifically target the “millenial” generation.

  31. The emoji advertisement seems like a very impressive strategy by pepsi’s marketers to connect with its consumers. Making the ad shorter than what we’re accustom to separates its advertisement. It emphasizes on concise yet effective media that is the exact feature that is adored by social media enthusiast. Also deciding to make ads contextual to the programs being displayed is something that has always been enjoyed during events such as the superbowl halftime show. Glad to see that this technique is being used more frequently to target consumers who essentially would be more inclined to watch an ad relative to the program they’re watching.

  32. I think this is a really great (and cute) idea. Emojis are so commonly used nowadays, they’re literally everywhere. They even have emoji pillows. I think its a good way to target the younger generation since they are always using them. Personally, I would feel more inclined to buy pepsi with emojis.

  33. I think this is an awesome idea because emojis are very big in the media right now and possess a fun and youthful persona that people enjoy. I think this is a great idea for summer because when people are thirsty and going to the beach they may see the emojis on the bottles and feel compelled to buy it. These ads are short sweet and to the point, just like emojis themselves.

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