A lot of us look for healthcare information online (sometimes, we even get too much information related to maladies that we or loved ones have acquired). After all, there so many sites out there.

With this in mind, let’s look at the infographic prepared by Luth Research:

[Here are] “stats about today’s health-related activity taking place digitally. Luth Research’s ZQ Intelligence™ cross-platform digital measurement software uncovers the health-related activity of PC, Mobile, and Smartphone App users nationwide. Discover what’s trending health-wise in our digital age. We hope these stats find you in good health!”



6 Replies to “What’s the State of Healthcare Information Online?”

  1. I think there are many good health care app, especially practice one, but the problem is that people always can’t insist to do practice, to go gym and keep a right diet.so if we don’t realize the importance of health, no matter how better an app is, it will never help us to be healthy.

  2. Everyone wants to be healthy, but it is hard for people to insist on exercising. With the existence of healthcare apps, a variety of information related to healthcare are provided for people. It is no doubt that digital software brings people a better platform to realize the importance of health, and helps us track our health status. Also, they can remind people to drink certain water, eat certain foods, and make a healthy plan. Healthcare apps will become useful tools to us as long as we get used to them.

  3. Nowadays, healthcare tends to be a hot topic because people care about their health status a lot. In this situation, healthcare information was explored with a huge potential market. According to the charts above, PC users occupied the largest portion of market share, however, considering the convenience and tendency, smartphone users with a healthcare app potentially will increase fastest as far as I am concerned.

  4. Health apps are useful sometimes, it gives us reminder of being healthy, but at the same time people will not work out, go to the gym or anything until they perceive value in doing so. However, as people are nowadays more concerned about being healthy, they usually uses these apps, which is the reason why the data shows how many people uses the apps from their phones and PCs.

  5. Its great that there is so much information available to us, including medical information. I am sure it has saved many lives. While there are countless good things about having all this information, it can sometimes not be so good. Some people tend to look into something a little too much, and they end up scaring themselves for no reason because they think they have some type of deadly disease.

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