The Dinner Lab has turned dining out into a very unique and fun occasion. It is “a place to discover what’s possible. Our nomadic dining experience invites members to try new recipes from rotating chefs and give feedback. The dinners are held in unique spaces that exist for only 24 hours, the company is diverse and adventurous and the chefs come from some of the world’s best restaurants.”

Today, Dinner Lab operates in more than 30 cities throughout the United States. Click here to see if your city is served. Following is a chart from the company’s Web site explaining how it works. [Click on the chart to access a larger version.] After the chart, there is a video by the New Yorker.


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21 Replies to “Innovation in Action: The Dinner Lab”

  1. Although I think that this is an interesting and fun idea, I don’t know how well it’ll hold up as a business. It will be very hard to maintain customers if they are always traveling. Also, reviews might seem a little untrustworthy, because you wouldn’t get a constant service to judge. Lastly, employees must be difficult to maintain, because although they could be moving around a certain city, it would still be difficult to keep constant employees while always moving to different locations. This might also effect the service because the cooks may not be accustomed to the kitchen, or the servers might not know the flow of the space of the restaurant very well, etc.

  2. I believe that this is a very innovative way of creating a memorable dining experience. Some benefits of this is that people like the idea of paying for something up front and not having to worry about any extra charges. Also, especially a specific crowd, loves the idea of trying a bunch of different dishes that chefs create. When people go out to eat, they go out for an overall experience, and by creating this, The Dinner Lab, is changing the average way of going out to eat, and really selling it as a memorable experience.

  3. This is very unique idea that seems to be working. I think its great how in ticket everything is taken care of. No paying at the restaurant for food, drinks, etc. Another aspect I like is the variety of foods you get to try at this event.

  4. I believe this is a fun and great idea for people who are willing to try new food but have no specific preference. To be honest, ordering in a restaurant is not easy for me especially when it’s an Itaalian or French restaurant and there are many words that I don’t understand. I like the idea that they offer a all-in-one ticket with well designed package of everything. Besides, waiting for the confirmation email with location can be exciting.

  5. without a doubt, indeed it is a good and interesting idea, but it still has some problems. For example, always changing locations will increase the management and operation cost, and also maybe employees will feel more tired with so many changes. And also, it is difficult to measure how many customers will come.

  6. This is interesting and I would like to try it. In some Michelin restaurant, their price is like a ticket too. They ask how much per person, and they will serve you settled dishes and wine go with them. This service is unique and new, so I think it is a successful idea.

  7. In my opinion, this is a great idea. I love trying new foods, and due to my extreme decision making problem, it would be helpful to not even have to worry about looking at a menu. However, I do not know how many other people would agree because most are very picky about what they want to eat. I also believe it may be frustrating for both employees and customers to be constantly moving locations.

  8. This seems like a very innovative idea that has a lot of potential. This company is making a simple, daily occurrence in eating dinner, and turning it into a new and fun experience. I believe this can reach a lot of people who are simply curious in trying out new places, as well as maintain a good customer base because it is a unique experience every time. I like this idea very much, as it combines my love of food with my enjoyment of new experiences. This is absolutely something I am interested in and could potentially join.

  9. It was very interesting to read about the dinner lab. It is a very unique way of a dining experience that I have never seen before, when I watched the video. It is interesting to see in the future if the dinner lab is available in more cities so more people can have this experience.

  10. Wow, I really thing this a great opportunity. The possibility to try and eat from a variety of experts chefs is incredible. I will definitely encourage people to buy tickets. I am a person that loves to eat in great restaurants, and this is perhaps the best deal. A lot of people is focusing in food and specially healthy food. I am sure these chefs are focusing their recipes on these desires and are implementing recipes that goes with those desires. I am happy to hear that this program is in effect and look forward to go to the different places that they serve.

  11. Although this being a cool and fun idea, I don’t think it is a practical one. Simply due to the fact that there are a lot of people who are always traveling. I also think it takes a toll on the employees working such events. The locations aren’t always put and because of that they would have to be moving around with the location as well and leaving their family and friends for a set amount of time. It might work for now but I don’t think it can be anything long-term.

  12. I really like this idea of “dinner lab”. People who love food always want to try something different. The dinner lab would definitely attract those food lovers, because it is exciting to have different food at different places. Moreover, you do not to worry about what to order.

  13. The idea is good. but what strikes me is their successful operation. I think it is hard if you run a restaurant there have no unique specialty and a good location. From their website it divide two different parts “eat” and “cook”, and you can be customer or join the cooker tram, that is pretty cool. If i want to have a party, inviting friends and cooking dinner for them in a selected place, it will be a wonderful night. Moreover, there have experienced chief who can let you taste the delicious food you wanted. So if it is possible i will try “dinner lab”.

  14. I personally like the overall idea of having dinner in a place that is not necessarily a restaurant. Having a different location is part of the experience and the story and thats really intriguing. It seems to be a great experience for food lovers and anyone looking for something different. I hope the business continues to do well.

  15. The idea of the dinner lab is something new and exciting. People in the New York areas eat out very often and enjoy eating out. Now with having something new like the Dinner Lab more people will want to eat out. I know that every time a group of people are trying to decide on a restaurant, usually (depending on the occasion) people would want a new and fun environment and this style of dinning is exactly what people could be looking for.

  16. The idea of this dinner lab is very new, exciting and interesting. People in big cities such as New York are always looking forward to eat in a fun exciting environment that have new ideas. The only thing that I worry about is that the comments could be not so much reliable because people are not constantly coming to dine in and leave comments for you to judge.

  17. When I saw this, first of all, I think this app is good for those seasonal gastronomic events or temporary events. Many of the activities are seasonal, or occur only at a specific time. Missing the event may have to wait for a long time. For many food lovers this is a very useful app. In addition, for those visitors who come to the local, this can tell where you can get more pure local cuisine, as well as others comments. You don’t have to search around and you can eat the most authentic and distinctive local cuisine.

  18. This sounds like a great idea! I love food and I love being spontaneous and trying new things so this would be a lot of fun for me. Plus it is a good idea for dates, especially for couples who are indecisive or can never agree on a place to eat. It almost seems too good to be true, having a built in decision maker giving you a new place to eat out.

  19. I love the concept of this idea because well I love food. What I don’t love is the constant moving around. Yes it may bring more customers willing to try their food wherever they go but the constant traveling around is time consuming. I think setting up permanent dinner labs in different cities will be more beneficial to their business.

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