The global supply chain is sure getting more complex. UPS annually conducts a B2B survey to see what is changing in how the supply chain moves merchandise from manufacturers to their customers.

To read about UPS’ latest research and view on industry trends, download its 5th annual UPS Change in the (Supply) Chain survey by clicking here.

And take a look at this summary UPS video.



2 Replies to “UPS: Monitoring Change in the Global Supply Chain”

  1. I find it surprising that a lot of companies do not have insurance in the case of catastrophic events. I think that this is a poor decision that companies need to improve. A company can be doing everything right, and then an unexpected event can ruin that because of a lack of insurance. Additionally, I think that regulations should be loosened to improve trading barriers. I feel that this would make taxes on trade and accessibility to certain products easier for both manufacturers and consumers.

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