Are you someone who has trouble writing TARGETED resumes geared to specific jobs? If your answer is yes, or you just want to get some new resume ideas, keep reading.

HubSpot is making available TEN free resume templates covering these fields:

  • Social Media Specialist
  • SEO Specialist
  • Web Production Project Manager
  • E-mail Marketing Specialist
  • Content Producer
  • Experienced Professional Level
  • Executive Level
  • Manager Level
  • Entry Level
  • Intern


To access these templates, click on the image below and complete the simple sign-up form.


12 Replies to “FREE Resume Templates for Marketing-Related Jobs”

  1. I think this is a great idea. When applying for a job your resume is a key component. With these different templates you can structure a resume that is related to the potential job. This will take some of the stress off of making a resume because it will guide you in choosing exactly what to include inyour resume.

  2. Having opportunities like this to enhance your resume with examples and templates is great. This shows anyone how a professional resume should look, and even if you’re not a marketing major you can take definitely take ideas from these templates and help them enhance your current resumes. I think that all categories of business should offer this, and I hope to see more websites like HubSpot step up and offer ideas and advice like this. This is extremely important because of how crucial a resume can be for job opportunities, and it can affect your entire life and future.

  3. I feel that this website is a great tool and resource to not only students that need to update and enhance their resumes, but other people going for any job. Having these templates to guide you on how to make your resume is great. It will help people with their uncertainties about what they should put on them or where it should go. These templates give you an advantage to the first step of trying to get a job or even an internship. It would definitely be an asset and set apart someone’s resume from the rest.

    1. What a wonderful resource to individuals looking to enhance their resume! It is truly useful in the sense it shows one a way to sculpt his/her resume for the business world. I highly feel students looking for employment in this field should strongly consider making some necessary changes in regards to these suggestions the post makes. It is becoming harder and harder to land a successful business job as peoples’ academics are cookie-cutter perfect. Thus, they need to find a way to improve upon their resumes that make them stand out!

  4. The opportunity to boost your resume in any way is important and should be taken advantage of. This post is not only for marketing majors, or regarding the marketing field, but its about improving your personal brand through your resume. Having a good resume is the first step into applying for a job because that’s what employers need to see before they waste their time to call you in and meet with you. The market is so competitive in so many industries so it is crucial that everyone puts the necessary time and effort into perfecting their resumes.

  5. A strong resume is one of the first steps a person must go through when applying for a new job. A future employer is supposed to be able to get a strong indication of your character just through your resume and cover letter alone. I’ve used similar websites like this one before when I put together my own resume. Even without any experience, I’m sure the resumes try to highlight what classes a student has taken that can relate to the position they’re applying to. These types of websites are truly great for students as most of us are not completely sure how to layout our resumes for the certain job fields in which we are applying to. It also helps that some of these templates are free as people are able to create resumes on their own in programs like Word or InDesign for free, but these resume templates allow users to create them much more easily and help them to feel more secure about what they’re creating.

  6. I think this is a really great idea. Most of the time when looking for a job, employers look for resumes in order to understand an individual’s assets. However, being that the process is a very stressful one, the person looking for a job often stresses and does not necessarily know how to correctly highlight his/her most important potentials. Offering free templates enables an individual who is seeking a job an opportunity to correctly highlight their strengths, which can lead them to landing a position that had wanted.

  7. I believe that these templates that are made available to everyone are very useful. It’s a great resource because it gives guidelines for students and adults on how to create a resume. In my opinion, the resume is the most important part of a student or adult success in the blind application process. The reason for this is because when a company is looking over hundreds of thousands of resumes for a few positions, they do not know about the person. All that they can base their judgement on is the resume. And having a professional looking resume with good structure is very important in getting the foot in the door with a company.

  8. This is pretty interesting because I haven’t really thought about making a resume for a specific audience. Since I’m just a student and at the moment can only be an intern, it’s probably the reason why I never thought of it. Regardless, I think these templates will be extremely useful and could potentially boost their chance of getting the job.

  9. I think free resume templates is a great idea for all students just starting to make resumes. Its great to have guidance as to what some of these firms are looking for, especially when you don’t have any real world experience yet. Its also good for more experienced people trying to enter at a higher level, so they know what firms are looking to see on a resume for that specific position. Its always good to have resume guidelines for a specific position to enhance your chances of getting an interview/job.

  10. This was such a simple post, yet so valuable! This is definitely an important thing to use for introspective students/employees. I am going to save this, because this will forever be valuable throughout our lives. People go crazy trying to make an appropriate resume, and sometimes never get it right. This will help a lot of struggling people. But, unfortunately, now that the internet has tools like this, some kids working at university writing centers might become unemployed!

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