Lego is the maker of the popular wood and plastic building blocks and toys, and the inspiration behind last year’s highly successful Lego movie. LEGO “is a privately held, family-owned company with headquarters in Billund, Denmark, and main offices in Enfield, USA, London, UK, Shanghai, China, and Singapore. Founded in 1932 by Ole Kirk Kristiansen, and based on the iconic LEGO® brick, it is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of play materials.”

Take a look at the video below to see how LEGO is creatively combining both innovation and sustainability.


11 Replies to “Lego: Innovation and Sustainability Can Co-Exist”

  1. The LegoMatic machine allows Lego building blocks to simply be made from plastic bottles. If the machine functions as simply as it appears to, children would be able to acquire Lego building blocks for free. This might allow families who would otherwise be unable to afford Legos (Legos are actually somewhat pricey) to obtain them. However, I do not think that Lego executives generated this idea out of the goodness of their hearts or from their concern for the environment. I believe the machine is a marketing tactic that will enhance Lego’s view in the public’s eye. It presents Lego as a company that cares about the environment, which could potentially lead to an increase in sales. Adults would see Lego as a respectable company and purchase specialty products from the company, products that cannot be made by the machine, such as the mini dolls/action figures. Therefore, this machine would primarily serve as a means to increase revenue, rather than as a means to save the environment or provide products for people who could otherwise not afford them.

  2. I’m surprised that this is the first time I’ve heard about the LegoMatic machine, since Legos have been extremely popular for years. I think this is a great idea, and will definitely motivate children to recycle, and get their families to recycle, too. However, the popularity of this invention will definitely depend on how many there are. Will there be one near every “Toys R Us” store, or wherever legos are sold? Or would the “recycler” have to go way out of their way to get to a Legomatic machine? If there isn’t one near the potential recycler, they would probably end up throwing it out. People like things done quickly and easily, and if it takes too much effort, they would probably rather just buy the legos instead of recycling for them. I think we need more details about the legomatic machines to determine if they will be a “hit” or “miss.”

  3. This is a great idea. Lego combined their product with environment protection that also represent one of their company’s responsibilities. This new product infuses the ecological design, not only improve the value of the product itself, but it can take a good reputation. Parents can get a new way to tell their children how to protect our “home”, children will cultivate the good habit of green awareness. So from this product itself, i think it is success.

  4. Legomatic is a very impressive idea, and I definitely think it should be promoted a lot more. Legos are one of those classic toys that every child will at least have one set of during their lifetime. Now, parents are going to enter a win win situation purchasing the legomatic because it will both teach their kids to recycle and create more legos for them to build with. I really love this idea, and like other students have said, LEGO will keep its good reputation if not making it even better.

  5. What Lego is doing here is great. Finding a way to recycle and produce your product at the same time is big plus.Some questions I have is how much does it cost for this whole process? Where can i find one of these Lego drop boxes? This will definitely help maintain if not better the reputation of Lego.

  6. This is the first time I ever heard of Legomatic but overall its an amazing idea. I would never think to turn recycling bottles into lego blocks. I do believe that the kids are the next generation so if teaching them that recycling is good in order for them to teach their kids in the future, I’m all for it. I think that its a step in the right direction seeing how much the world has suffered from pollution. Change is now and this process of legos being made from bottles is a big one.

  7. I think LegoMatic is an amazing idea! I think it incorporates so many bonuses in an ecological, economical, and moralistic mannerism in just one simple invention. Not only is it teaching children to recycle at a young age, it’s empowering a child in creating his/her own product, it’s promoting a more green earth, and in a business perspective it is giving Lego’s a friendlier legacy, causing consumers to grow an affiliation for the company. Additionally, it is giving children who perhaps cannot afford to purchase Legos at a store, be able to experience the joy of receiving them just strictly out of used water bottles. All around, I feel it is a win-win situation, beneficial for the consumer, the company, and the world itself. I think Lego’s did a fantastic job combing the two worlds of fun and sustainability together without even making it an expensive process. I just hope there is enough LegoMatic machines to be dispersed so children can actually take advantage of this awesome idea. I know personally I would even feel better about buying Lego products for I feel it is a company with scruples and morals.

  8. Its always wonderful to see one of my favorite childhood toys do something good for this world. Legos had a huge impact on my childhood inspiring me to imagine and build anything I dream of. Legos are one of the most innovative toy blocks and deserve much more credit than they get. They push the consumer to the limits by giving them endless possibilities of designs to build. i.e. Boats, houses, planes, apartments, landmarks, etc. I am not surprised that Lego Company has done this because they have such a huge impact on kids. They can help change the minds of the younger generations and show them how important it is to live a sustainable lifestyle.

  9. LegoMatic seems like a fantastic idea to increase the circulation of legos, make the brand ecofriendly and improve their image in the eye of the public. I think that it’s great that a brand that makes its image on promoting innovation in children is now continuing that by implementing measures that promote recycling to make legos. However, I think the accessibility of these machines are major factor in how successful this is. While the advertisement portrays them as something that every home could have, they don’t seem inexpensive or easy to acquire. Despite that, I think it’s a good first step to promoting an ecofriendly image.

  10. This is an outstanding idea. This is a company that is nimble and thinking of what is important today and the future. When I watched the video I remember as a young child waiting to put a penny into one of those souvenir machines . You would place penny in and the machine would flatten the penny and you would get an imprint of the place you were visiting. Placing a plastic bottle into a machine and getting Legos is unbelievable. Great for the environment and I can’t imagine the lines of little kids getting their Legos with their plastic bottles.

  11. Lego toys as itself is a kind of people can develop innovative toys, not only suitable for children, is also good for adults to play, on this basis, development of material industry, building industry, will also be full of innovative products

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