We’d all like to be successful innovators such as Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and others. So, how can we train ourselves to be more innovative?

Check out this slideshow by Raman Kalia, a consultant from India.



5 Replies to “How Can We Train Ourselves to Be More Innovative?”

  1. In order to create something or develop on an idea it is important to realize that hard work is the main factor, as well as never giving up because of failed attempts or doubting critics. I like how the slideshow did however not just say that new ideas and success come from simply hard work. It embraced the ideas of being empathetic and looking at the life of another through their eyes. The slideshow also commented on the topic of taking time just to be your own person and just relax, to not be going 24/7.

  2. In order to be more innovative, I believe it is something that one must discover within him/herself rather than simply following a power point or a bulleted lists of steps. Everyone is different in how they think, believe, perceive etc. I feel the power point did a wonderful job in conveying the basic necessities of what one must encompass as the bare minimum in order to become the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. However, I feel being innovative is a way of life rather than a state of mind. It cannot be fully learned but rather felt and saturated in the mind, body, and soul. As Beyonce once spoke about in an interview, sometimes she gets so wrapped up in producing new songs and dances that she literally forgets to eat and has to remind herself. She is so engulfed in her work that she is able to allow one of the necessities of life in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs: hunger, to slip her mind. I feel one must have this type of dedication and desire to make it to that next step in order to reach that goal. “Your dreams come true when you act to turn them into realities.” One must not watch things happen but make them happen in order to get to that peak. One quote my mom always told me which I think is the most pertinent in regards to becoming innovative and successful, is knowing “If there is a will, then there is a way.” Never settle for less then what you want to achieve, and shoot for the stars!

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