At one time, the United States dominated innovativeness around the globe. But, that has not been true for many years. And we now know that important innovations can pop up almost anywhere in the world.

This past summer, CNET embarked on a global road trip to uncover innovations worldwide:

“Silicon Valley. Two words that conjure thoughts of the startups and venture capitalists working feverishly to define the next new thing. But that corner of California doesn’t have a lock on the tech that’s rocking our world. This summer, CNET News’ reporters embarked on a global hunt for innovation. Join us to see where they landed, the people they met, the innovations they uncovered — all from the comfort of your armchair. At CNET News, we make adventure easy.”


Click the image to see some of the highlight’s from CNET’s Road Trip 2015.



3 Replies to “Searching the Globe for Innovations”

  1. I enjoyed the series of highlights from CNET’s road trip 2015 to uncover innovation. Not only do I think we need to be concerned about innovations today but future innovations as well. If you think about how Netflix basically put Blockbuster out of business so quickly what else is out there that can make something obsolete down the road? I also think about banking . As a child I would go in a bank get a lollipop and deposit my birthday money . Today I take a picture of my check, hardly use cash if I need cash I get it from an ATM and I do most transactions from my phone and can do this all from my house or a foreign country. In summary, the Global innovations as well as domestic innovations will cause us to be nimble and quick in our approach to business.

  2. I found this article truly interesting! Innovations are quite important and are what makes our business world go around. Just as the Amazon tablet for $50 dollars will be on the market soon, it is spurring for other companies to have to compete with such a low price and thus, produce a new innovation themselves. In my personal opinion, it is truly shocking in what technology has permitted for us to do nowadays. Innovations leave their imprint on this world as things keep changing and becoming revolutionized. For example, I remember being a little girl at Disney World and sitting back on the Spaceship Earth Epcot ride. During the ride, I remember there was a futuristic part in which it showed a boy and a girl in different countries communicating over the computer and were able to see each others faces. Nowadays, we call that Facetime or Skype and is such a common technology amongst our society. Disney had to remove that part from the ride because it no longer applied as something that would be absolutely out of this world magical to have in the future, but instead is our reality. Thus, innovations are popping up all the time and have altered the planet we live on!

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