In a very short time, mobile advertising has really taken off. And it promises to keep on booming. Thus, marketers must act accordingly. 🙂

According to new research by eMarketer:

“The global mobile advertising market will hit two significant milestones in 2016, according to new figures from eMarketer, surpassing $100 billion in spending and accounting for more than 50% of all digital ad expenditure for the first time.The $101.37 billion to be spent on ads served to mobile phones and tablets worldwide next year represents a nearly 430% increase from 2013. Between 2016 and 2019, the last year in our forecast period, mobile ad spending will nearly double, hitting $195.55 billion to account for 70.1% of digital ad spend as well as over one-quarter of total media ad spending globally.”


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14 Replies to “Mobile Internet Advertising Is Booming”

  1. I agree that mobile internet advertising is booming, I believe that companies that capitalize on the mobile and internet marketing (E-Marketing) are the most successful, everyone has an iPhone or some type of smart phone, the fact that companies use social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and twitter especially to advertise their goods and services that they are very smart. I believe that companies that try to get in consumers minds every way possible are the most successful at marketing their products. For instance a successful company like dunking donuts is advertising on every social platform, as well as the standard television commercials. In sum, I believe the future of advertisement is mobile and soon wearable technology advertisement will soon follow.

  2. It’s so crazy to see the amount of money that mobile internet advertising is going to make by 2016. And it isn’t like it has been around for decades and decades, mobile internet advertising is somewhat of a new market this day in age. Any company that takes advantage of mobile internet marketing is definitely set to do well in the future, it is currently booming and can only increase more and more. The company that you see everywhere whenever you are basically doing anything are on the right track. The more you see it, the more the thought of it is melted into your brain. What’s next really? Any new technology created can be used as another platform to advertise on, that’s why this business is booming and in my opinion, can only improve from here on.

  3. This type of mobile advertising is just going to increase in the future. Especially with the use of an application, because now most game developers will allow advertising in the banner and after you pass a level in a game, or switch a page in a book or story. This is a huge money generating advertising idea but it is just really annoying for the consumers. I feel like sometimes this is overplayed and there are too much ads. Sometimes I delete an application because of the overuse of advertisement. And the fun thing is that if you want to close the ad, there is an close button somewhere hidden on the screen( sometimes in the left or right corner or it blends with the ad so you can’t see) and its so tiny that you accidentally click on the ad and get taken into another page. It’s great that this is booming for advertisers, but for the consumers there needs to be some moderation in the advertising.

  4. The mobile ad market is a market with great potential, as evidenced by this article, which points out that it is not just the developed world reaping the benefits as the global consumer shifts from the traditional laptops to the new phablets and smartphones. The result is that pc makers are being forced to switch over. Lenovo, which already manufacturs smartphones for the Chinese market, has announced plans to breach the US market in the coming years under the Motorola trademark.

    I love how we can connect everything together, and how companies are forced to adapt in order to avoid being left behind in an increasingly globalized economy. The result is further innovation from year to year.
    A decade ago, who could have guessed the Apple Watch would be a marketable good, let alone the phablets we have already?

  5. Mobile advertisement must increase rapidly in the future as people rely on mobile phones more and more. Today everyone uses mobile phones to communicate with friends, with family members and also with strangers. It seems the communication through mobile devices becomes a trend among people. So, for companies, using mobile devices to do the advertisements and communicate with their customers is absolutely necessary. They need to invest more on mobile Internet advertising rather than traditional advertising.

  6. A year ago, I had a debate with my friend about mobile internet and my view was opposite of this forecast. The usage of mobile internet by consumers and businesses has been increasing dramatically and I do not disagree that it will continue to grow for a while. But it is my personal opinion that one day, all portable devices will have an equal quality as any desktop devices in terms of performance, resolution, and even size (projection or expanding screen) that mobile internet won’t be necessary. Why program a separate website and advertisement IF all portable devices can effortlessly access, properly display, and work with any normal websites? That was the debate I had with my friend and I know that I can be wrong. One thing I can agree is that we still have plenty of room for mobile internet advertisement growth before it takes a turn towards my prediction.

  7. The percent of increase in spending on Internet advertisement marketing is extremely interesting. In 2013, spending increased by about 118 percent from 2012. This means that industries have taken note of the prevalence of Internet in the day-to-day functions of society. They have updated their marketing strategies to correspond with the times of the Internet age. In 2014, spending increased by about 122 percent. Starting after 2015, the numbers begin to decrease in percent increase. This means that companies are predicted to acknowledge the need for more advertising through this medium. However, the amount will eventually level off as they reach a homeostasis.

  8. Mobile advertising booming is absolutely in its prime. Although, technology has had its set backs with creating in person unsociable environments. The mobile era has made any kind of business have a cutting edge chance at advertising to whom they need to. Everyone has a cell phone, or a laptop, or some sort of tablet and everyday they are exposed to advertisements.

  9. It comes as no surprise to me that mobile advertising is booming during the most technological time period ever. Nearly everyone I see today walks around with their eyes on their phones and not even where they are walking. The mobile era has not only changed everyone day to day lifestyle, but also the whole advertising game. It is obvious that companies must go with the times has they are making dramatic changes for a better future.

  10. Since more and more people rely on using mobile phone, I believe the mobile internet advertising will have a strong growth in the future. As we all know, how smartphone market, such as Iphone, samsung phone, Xiaomi phone grow today, people are spending more time on browsing website, social media, videos on their phone, this is the reason why smartphone becomes bigger and bigger to match people’s needs. Moreover, advertising on mobile social media is more and more common, as the increase of people into mobile social media, the revenue will increase in the future.

  11. I agree with this article that the mobile advertising market is booming and will only continue to grow. People have access to millions of applications on their smartphones, and with these apps comes the ability to get messages across to people in a simple and cost-efficient manner. Although the cost of mobile advertisements may not be as costly as traditional television ads and commercials, I am sure in the future the gap in cost will become smaller.

  12. How many hours people spend on mobiles per day in average– 2.5 hours. Which means the opportunity hiding in the mobiles is bigger than people’s thought. In the digital field, computer or labtops is loosing the NO.1 position. And since people use computers more for business, the chance of checking mobile just for entertaining is increasing, which means the Ads on mobile are more likely to be seen than on computer. Marketers should go with this trend and take this opportunity. The time of making Ads on mobile is already come.

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