Although there are many highly visual company Web sites, others could be categorized as “boring.” How can content be more attractively effective?

Consider these observations by Neil Patel, writing for Quick Sprout:

“Have you noticed that I publish a lot of visually appealing content on Quick Sprout? From videos to infographics, I’m constantly leveraging visual media. Can you guess why? It’s because these visual content pieces are generating more backlinks than any other form of content I publish, which—in the long run—helps increase my search engine rankings and overall readership numbers.So, how do you create these visual masterpieces? Well, this infographic should help you.”


The Ultimate Guide to Creating Visually Appealing Content
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout


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  1. Visual content plays a huge role in an website’s popularity. People love websites with bright colors and images balancing out words. As a visual person, whenever I see a website in a white or black color with no pictures, just text in the same font and the same size throughout the site, I change my website. First because it looks like no time or effort went into the layout. Second, because it is boring and tiring. The reason why people can’t get off the internet is due to going from one page to another and the page is inviting and occupies your time. A visually appealing webpage is what makes it or breaks it.

  2. I loved the article’s statistics on how many internet users repost cotent (50%) and how few have posted an original creation (54%).
    Moving aside from that little tidbit, the question the article attempts to answer is how to make the visual content of your website more appealing.

    I point to these two articles:

    Modern readers are moving away from traditional reading patterns, and corporations should take this into consideration when designing their website. Too much text is unappealing. Funny memes, eye catching visuals? That will attract traffic, and hopefully, revenue., and Buzzfeed? Great examples of websites that follow in the current trend towards reading a webpage quickly, skimming through the entire “meat” of the articles.

  3. Can’t agree more. Nowadays, almost everyone uses Internet to search information, attractive content always becomes their first choice. Using pictures is a very effective way to attract more people to read and share the article. And people love pictures and loving getting more information from interesting pictures. So, as for those company who pay a lot attention to social media, posting more interesting pictures than only words could be a better choice.

  4. It’s very true, I personally am thoroughly a lot more interested in articles containing a picture or video. It just gives you something to look at or watch besides just reading about it. Almost anything I retweet on twitter is usually a picture or video I found interesting, never just an article. I find a plain, black and white article just to be very dry and boring. There’s nothing that is really colorful and catches the reader’s eye. Basically, if you want your online business, blog, website, or any type of thing on the internet to flourish you need to fulfill your viewer’s visual appeal.

  5. I always knew how important visual contents are on social media but it is reassuring to see quantitative evidence. People fly through countless words and images when they are browsing on social media and each content may have only a split second to catch their attention. When a post is made out of mostly or all texts, some viewers might skip it because they don’t have the time for it and forget to come back. Also, many people enjoy sharing a content that might get them a lot of likes, but when they suspect that their “friends” won’t bother reading the post, it discourages them from sharing the content.

  6. I always knew how important visual contents are on social media but it is reassuring to see quantitative evidence. People fly through countless words and images when they are browsing on social media and each content may have only a split second to catch their attention. When a post is made out of mostly or all texts, some viewers might skip it because they don’t have the time for it and forget to come back. Also, many people enjoy sharing a content that might get them a lot of likes, but when they suspect that their “friends” won’t bother reading the post, it discourages them from sharing the content.

  7. I found this article interesting because I feel like making your companies online content visually appealing is one of the major steps in gaining traction as a Successful online company. Adding colorful photos and borders is very important and all part of the customers experience. Popular memes really get the consumers involved and I feel if your company allows integrating them into the website will bring automatic success, people will be happy to browse your website and are more likely to buy something. In sum, visually appealing websites always make more than those that are not and just knowing what type of consumer base your company has really helps the website as a whole.

  8. Know at days people don’t like to read and have a hard time paying attention for long periods of time. Visual explantations and content gets a person’s attention much more easily than a paragraph of words. Even though this is the case, you still have to make your content visually appealing or people can just skip by it, especially if there looking at other visual content as well. You want to make sure your content stand out the most.

  9. Visual media is a vital part of communication in this day and age with the popularity and necessity for social media and the Internet. It catches the eye and can easily draw attention to the article or caption with which it is associated. Pictures can quickly bring out emotions, whereas it would take someone more than a glance to understand a gist of any group of words and phrases. As the saying goes, every picture speaks a thousand words.

  10. This post and infographic are very interesting. The use of images to enhance content is a strategy that can be used both on webpages and other marketing materials. Like webpages, emails and print pieces that are sent to potential consumers must have relevant photos and imagery. As the post states, images attract attention and people are able to process information in an image more quickly than they can process typed words. It seems as though using complementary images can only enhance the content and messaging that marketers are trying to convey to consumers.

  11. This is incredibly helpful. My father has a small accounting firm and he’s currently in the process of revamping his online website and I, as his youngest daughter, was instructing him all about how it has to visually draw people in. From personal experience, if I go to a website that is barren and seems dull I’m not only completely disinterested, but usually it makes me feel like the website isn’t legitimate as if there is a scam going on. I find this very helpful to make my case to the CEO of my future company.

    Michaela Cody; MKT 101 section 1

  12. I am the first to say that this is true! I definitely tend to look at articles, or books or websites that are more visually appealing to the human eye.The use of images definitely enhances the marketing tools and also helps attract more consumers. Visuals such as pictures, videos and a variety of colors attract more consumers and also help the business. Also, I know this is true for me, as well as many others that humans process information from a picture quicker than words. So, the use of visuals is an enhancer to both the company, consumer and the marketing concept itself.

  13. I found this blog post to be really interesting because it is so true how much of a difference visual content makes compared to written content. No one wants to look at boring words or read long articles. We live in a generation where people want to see what they want and they want to see it fast. If a concept cannot be conceptualized easily, chances are its going to fail.

  14. I seem to be the odd one out. I really hate infographics. Because pictures are what people notice more, I tend to not really notice the information below as much as if the information was presented in a chart. For example, the infographic this article presented was distracting because the pictures did not match very well. In the third chunk of information, I spent more time thinking about the speedometers and how their representation of 94% was confusing than I did absorbing the information being presented.

  15. I believe that visual content significantly contributes towards a websites appeal. It catches the eye and leaves an image inside the viewers head. However, i tend not to like video or audio content on websites. Because sometimes if i have many tabs open i have to sort through them all to figure out which one is making the audio.

  16. I think it’s ironic how this article is about how to make information more appealing to those who are meant to read it and they use infographics to get their message across, so when you are done reading it you know its a more effective way to send a message (through infographics, images, media, redirections, etc. I used to go on and just browse through all of the information and it made it more appealing and interesting to read.

  17. I love how this article does more then just say visual content is important, but shows the statictics to prove it. As a young adult and college student, myself along with my peers are contently on social media and online. It has become obvious that the more relavant and common videos and pictures may be, the more attention it will get. Everyone loves finding a funny video or picture to show all of their friends that may or may not help a company i the long run.

  18. It is very true that visual content looks more attractive to viewers. According to this graph, the content with image get more than 50% attention. Moreover, tweets with images actually get more than 150% of retweets, which indicates importance of visual content and peer reference. If these two components can be fully considered while promoting a product or service, it will have great influence on brand awareness.

  19. it is very impressive that the web page with a very good visual content, and obvious that most people do not like to read, more pics and video can attract them more than the words. Therefore, combining the information with pics is a very interesting and challenge job for the marketers, but this trends would make the online marketing more and more interesting.

  20. Visual content plays an extremely important role in online marketing. one post is not only need to include unique text content, but also have to involves attractive visual content. Because people have no enough time to read all content when they browsing a website. the most attractive thing is images or videos. If a image is very creative or attractive, users have no doubt will click the article to read more about this. Therefore, visual content is essential elements in a post to attract readers.

  21. I think photo and pictures and background is important after I read this blog. Why? First reason is that from science people see things just need 0.1 second. If the heard the music or sound rom the website it will need 0.2 second. That is very interesting. So people see pictures and feel it good or bad directly, especially for light colors. Every brand has its low representative color. It is hard to change because customers already accept that. For example, if Pepsi change its blue color to pink color, customers may think it is fake. So for website it is the same. When customers first scan your website and then you change the color, people would not scan it again. So first time to choose website color is important.

  22. After I read this article, I know how important of visual content for blogging. According to the data in the picture, more than 60% of social media advertising uses visual content, such as picture, video, and infographics. People nowadays spend less time in reading only words, but are more willing to watch video or read word from cool pictures or infographics. To attract them, visual content is an essential way. For me, When I first wrote posts on my blog, I didn’t put any visual content but only words, which may makes people feel boring and are not willing to read all the posts. So I added picture, videos, and changed the theme to make my blog more attractive. After I did this, the traffic views of my blog website did increase and people were more likely to give comments.

  23. It is very true that images and videos attract more attention than simply words. Personally speaking, I always prefer viewing image than contents, even though the images are made from words. I think that’s just how human brain works. Images are more intuitive, more natural, that is what we human have already seen for millions of years. However, characters are on the opposite. They are relatively harder to understand, and always boring.

  24. This article provides us some suggestions on how to make visible content for the blog. Visible content can attract the audience attention quickly. However, we can’t actually grasp for a long time. From my experience , visible content is not only just accumulation of the pictures and photos. Bloggers should organize the content and then turn them in to the beautiful pictures , symbols charts . It needs a lot of effort , but it can really help the blog popularity .

  25. Visually content is being popular! People enjoy watch nice pictures or small intersting vedios, and charts could make boring data becomes easy and even fun. This blog give us very useful tips of making visually content. I think one point isthe content should be organozed—a picture should show the information clearly and directly, and linked with topic strictly. In this way, pictures or chats could become useful while being attractive.

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