How well do industries do in their social media engagement? Is the frequency of posting related to the level of audience participation? HubSpot recently conducted a research study on this (“2015 Social Media Benchmarks Report”). The full 49-page report may be accessed for FREE by filling out a simple form. THE RESULTS MAY SURPRISE YOU!!

As summarized by Ayaz Nanji, writing for MarketingProfs:

“Businesses that post more often to social media do not necessarily generate more engagement per post, according to a recent report from HubSpot. The report was based on HubSpot social media data for 7,000+ businesses in nine industries (real estate, healthcare, hardware, nonprofit/education, manufacturing, business/financial services, consumer goods/retail/E-commerce, marketing services, and software/technology).”

“There is no positive correlation with industries that publish more social media posts per week and interactions per post, the analysis found; in fact, there’s a very slight negative correlation. Businesses in the two industries that post the least (consumer goods/retail/E-commerce and manufacturing) have two of the highest interaction per post averages, whereas companies in the industry that posts the most (real estate) have the lowest number of interactions per post on average.”

Take a look at these three charts from HubSpot. Click them to read more at MarketingProfs.




6 Replies to “Social Media Posts and Interaction: A HubSpot Study”

  1. I think this is right. Customers would like to check their posts on Facebook everyday,but they do not like to see one company’s posts every day. If the company post too many times one day, customers would ignore them because they already have vision fatigue. Why? It is like a couple who know each other and talk about each other every day. One day they will tired of each other. One of reason they already know each other,and need a break. So for posts, the connection means how much time customers would like to spend time on the page. My suggestion is that the company should post their posts every day one or twice. Make sure every post should has very interesting contents.

  2. I believe this is correct because many people do not want their social media to be blown up with updates constantly. People react positively when they see an organization or firm pop up periodically to remind consumers that they are still around and care about a certain issue or product you love. It makes consumers remember that they are still around and to check them out. On the other hand, when a company pops up constantly on social media it can make people unfollow them because they do not want all the “spam” to be on their facebook or twitter. Companies should learn to just post once to three times a day but keep it simple and to the point that catches customers attention.

  3. I was honestly surprised while reading this article. I figured that the more a company communicated with the public, the more interaction they would receive from consumers. I just feel like the more you hear a specific name, the more likely you would be to interact with the company and buy their products. If a company rarely posted to social media and I wasn’t really aware of what the company was about, I would be more skeptical about the durability and quality of what they have to offer. I guess other consumers find it a nuisance to receive many posts from a company. Everybody has their own opinion regarding company and industry advertisements.

  4. It is very interesting to see how companies get involved in social media. People will use social media everyday, whether it is Facebook,Twitter,instragram or any other outlet. However, people like to follow other people, but they don’t always find it interesting to see what companies are doing. People could find it as “spam” and would prefer to see where someone was partying last night,as compared to a company sharing a new item they came out with through social media.

  5. The result in this survey is very enlightening. Nowadays most of the companies know clearly about how important social media is and they all have their particular way to do their social marketing. However, many of them didn’t realize that the quality of the content they post is much more important than the frequency they post. People who use social media in daily life are always looking for funny, creative or useful information. So, making your content more attractive, you will gain more interactions.

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