As we have posted before (see for example, 1, 2, 3), identity theft, hacking, and invasion of privacy are rampant issues that we face today. And this is a BIG issue when we shop online.

Recently, we sat down with Fios1’s Money & Main$treet host Giovanna Drpic for a TV interview on this important subject.


4 Replies to “New Money & Main$treet TV Interview on Online Safety!”

  1. I hate it when i’m buying things online or signing up for a service and they have a whole page of questions for me to fill out. Sometimes those questions can get pretty personal. I always disliked these websites simply because it takes such a long time to get through all the questions. But I had never considered the fact that this information can be sold to someone and my identity could be at risk of being stolen. I feel that I will try to be much more careful in the future.

  2. I dislike that websites use cookies as a way of tracking the consumers. I feel this is a violation of privacy even though these websites are using them to track the buyers preferences when coming to the website. Additionally, the fact that my information is then sold is offensive to me. I find it to be an invasion of privacy. Identity fraud is a serious issue in our digit society. I want my information to be protected and secure without wondering who can get ahold of it. It makes me question whether I should continue making purchases online. Forgoing the convenience and ease of online shopping may be a price worth paying to avoid scams and identity theft.

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