Our Internet activity keeps on increasing. So what do we do online most often?

As Tech Spartan puts it:

“The Internet is a wonderful thing, a thing of knowledge and power but also a thing of beauty and inspiration. We are all a part of the Internet in one way or another, whether that is via our E-mails or our social media accounts. But what do we all actually do on the Internet? It’s an interesting question which we here at Tech Spartan aim to answer in this infographic looking at what happens in an Internet minute, comparing last year (2013) to this year’s (2014) latest statistics. Did you know that there are now 11.6% more Internet users now than 1 whole year ago?”

Take a look at this infographic from Tech Spartan.


6 Replies to “What Do We Do Every “Internet Minute”?”

  1. I believe that the general public is becoming heavily reliant upon technology to get through the day. We do most of our activities on a virtual level rather then doing it in person. Human interaction is decreasing so much that some people don’t know how to have a conversation with others.

      1. On second thought, for one, it will mean that social media will become more of a means of advertising in corporate businesses than it already is. Goods and services will be bought and sold online in a greater quantity, and liquid money will become more digital. Transactions will become easier and as a result there will be a decrease in certain jobs (i.e., bank tellers, postal workers, etc.) Many businesses will be able to offer the option for their employees to work from home. Companies will provide office equipment for their employees to use. This telecommuting will allow businesses to decrease their overhead as less office space is needed. Less office space means less usage of utilities and lower overhead costs. As a future business owner, I will be able to lower my overhead cost, thereby allotting these funds to be used in other areas such as web-advertising, web-marketing, and web-research. Additionally, my business will be able to more easily become international as web-conferences can be global.

  2. The question of what we do every internet moment is highly controversial. The hottest social networks being Instagram and Facebook. Personally I use both of them very frequently every day. As a 19 year Old i feel like I am on both those sites 10 times a day for a minute or two at least. It becomes very addictive when all your friends are on it. Growing the social part of any online startup is the most important part. What I find interesting is that Pinterest is not used by many men as a lot of women tend to use it. I would like to figure out why that is because I love the site.

  3. It’s crazy how much these numbers increased every year. Imagine how much these numbers will increase in five years. I feel that with the “mobility” thats increasing, rather than using a desktop and stay in one stationary place, the numbers will soar. This is the beginning for the internet tax, Obama is trying to propose. Mobile phone carriers are even offering promotions and trying to one up competitors by using data on the go. Recently, T-Mobile has decided to offer its customers free music streaming which doesn’t use up any data. When the time comes that video streaming by using data is free, I will definitely hop on that bandwagon.

  4. Mobile phones are rare stuff in my childhood. For now, it is hard to believe that kids from primary school have their own iPhone. With the help of advanced technology, those modern phones have changed the the way for people to communicate. And the internet function enables individuals to connect to others regardless of their locations. Also, people are get used the way to interact through social media. The social media is definitely the target market for decades to come.

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