New car entertainment technology has exploded in recent years.

According to Nielsen:

“Cars are big business, and as technology continues to permeate our lives, the auto industry is broadening its revenue base by tapping into consumers’ desire to stay connected from behind the wheel. The industry is also amplifying an array of connected car options across a swath of TV ads. And when you consider how personal a car purchase is, new connectivity features are helping automakers personalize content for everyone, from working moms in need of hands-free talk to twenty-something singles looking to score reservations at the local hotspot.”

“Regardless of tech preference, the modern car offers some form of connectivity for everyone — and that appeal is growing. In fact, of the 44% of future auto intenders who plan to purchase a new car within the next two years, 39% are very likely to purchase a connected car with built-in features. So what’s the draw? In most cases, it comes down to having what’s cool: 60% of future auto intenders say they’d like a connected car because they want to experience emerging technologies, 58% feel it will provide entertainment to passengers while on the road, and 43% say it will boost their productivity while they’re on the road.”

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  1. I could not agree more with this article. As time is changing and new technology is being created, everyone is adapting with it, so why shouldn’t cars be adapting as well? Now cars are coming out with built-in wifi, which would be very useful to the driver and passengers as well. Technology is created to make our lives easier and if it can be established in a car as well, then there’s no stopping it. In my opinion, music and any type of audio is a crucial part to the enjoyment of a ride in a car for the passengers and driver and any technology improvements made in it will be used by the public regardless.

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