It may not seem like it at times, but there are a lot of audacious companies out there whose mission is to change the world.

Inc. has identified 25 such companies:

“What’s an ‘audacious’ company? It’s a superlative we chose very carefully. On the one hand, such companies are defined as bold, courageous, even heroic. Yet, on the other, they are defiant, presumptuous, irreverent, and even cocky. They see a better way to do something and work to make it happen, fearlessly committed to not only making their vision a reality but also spreading that vision. These are the companies we celebrate.”

And Mark Cuban — a truly audacious businessperson — also sat down for an Inc. interview with Scott Leibs titled “How to Build an Audacious Company.” Click the image to read the Cuban interview.


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11 Replies to “How Audacious Companies Are Changing the World”

  1. I find it interesting that Cuban said it’s not just about being audacious, but how and when you are audacious. I agree that you have to have a feasible idea that meets a need; that is true entrepreneurship. It’s good to see that there are so many companies with the creativity to solve current problems or simply design new products. Only through observing the world can a business truly come up with an idea that changes it.

  2. This article immediatley caught my attention because I am a fan of Mark Cuban. I am a huge sports fan and also love to watch the show shark tank. I love seeing the new and crazy ideas people come in and pitch to the “sharks”. But I agree with Mark starting a new business and surviving is not easy. To have an audacious idea he said it has to be “genuine”. Your idea doesn’t have to be crazy, you just have to do that one thing better than your competition. Be the best at what you do.

  3. When the big companies moving slowly in the market due to the consideration of shareholders’ equity rather than maintain their creativity strategies, such audacious companies become more flexible and eager to make some voice in the market to prove themselves. They are more likely to follow with their own decisions and creative innovation ideas.

  4. I found this article really interesting because I have followed Mark Cuban’s success a lot in the past. I watched a film about how he got his business started and he was very direct about his message. He is very passionate about what he does and I agree with him that your idea needs to be genuine and you must fight to be the best. I do not believe that it is a bad thing to be cocky, if you are the best at what you do why wouldn’t you make it known. Especially in the business world where people are so focused on making money, if they have an idea that they think can make them profit they will do whatever it takes to make sure that it gets done. But I bet the top thing on Mark Cuban’s mind right now is winning the NBA championship with his Mavericks…

  5. Mark Cuban has recently been shot in to the media after becoming one of the most famously known team owners when the mavericks won the nba championship three or so years ago. I find this interesting because Cuban is known to posses a lot of the qualities he talks about.He explained the need to be successful one needs to be able to be and have genuine ideas. This reminds me a lot of his own business model because Mark Cuban seems to be so successful because of how he runs his own personal professional life. While being genuine in business may not be the absolute key to success, i think that this idea can increase ones possibility for success

  6. There were two things that stood out to me in Mark Cuban’s interview; being genuine and taking risk. A lot of times today, risk is associated with how much money will be lost if the product or service doesn’t work out. The point is to take the risk if you believe in what you can do and stick to it. This also goes along with being genuine in what you are doing. If your heart is in your idea (as the man who wanted to use the hurricane to mine gold) you won’t stop until you do your best to make your investment succeed.

  7. Mark Cuban definitely was a great pick for this article. Another audacious businessman that pops into mind is Steve Jobs. It is true that businesses that are a bit outspoken catch our attention, and we start respecting them when those businesses follow up their bold statements with great success. You earn the right to be audacious if you are successful, and people like it because you are being very straight-forward and, well, genuine. That comes with passion, confidence and belief in your business and ideas. Many people are turned off by such attitude too, but then you can’t please everyone.

  8. I’ve read this article on Inc. magazine before I see this site. Mark Cuban is audacious man and I want to share Cuban’s five most audacious moments in here: Trolling Yahoo(sold to yahoo, which made Cuban a billionaire), Always the maverick(buying a controlling stake of the NBA’s dallas mavericks), Swimming with sharks(Cuban says on the 5 seasons ABC shows Shark Tank in real: trust me, there are times when you just want to reach over and punch Kevin or Lori), Taunting regulators(Cuban challenged the SEC to treat American citizens the way they should be treated), and Playing trump’s cards(offered $1 million to Donald Trump for charity). By the way, it seems that the “Inc. has identified 25 such companies” can not opened by that link.

  9. This article is very interesting, knowing Mark Cuban and his success in the past, you have an automatic interest in an article like this one. He is known to be well involved in what he does with an extreme passion that attracts many people. I do agree that your ideas need to be sincere and genuine and you do need to work for what you want in order to be the best. In order to succeed in the business world, you need to show what you’ve got and make it known

  10. I thought it was interesting that Cuban says that while innovators should be audacious, they should temper their audaciousness in the corporate culture and have a stable corporate culture to manage day-to-day activities. He also says, however, that being audacious is not the only way to success for a company – improving on how a regular item is sold is also an example of corporate success.

  11. I note that Sabi is among the 25 Audacious Companies. I knew Sabi long ago. Its products are designed to improve day-to-day life. Sabi products combine vibrant design and superior performance to make the most humdrum chores simply more enjoyable. Based on this method, many familiar things could be improved to create new market.

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