As we’ve noted before, marketing can be a great career field. There are millions of diverse and interesting marketing jobs in the United States alone. And marketers are often paid well, too.

According to Forbes, the total annual compensation for each of the top fifteen chief marketing officers (CMOs) in the United States was at least $3.3 million in 2013. Kathryn Dill reports that:

“Chief executive officers may be the face of an organization, but it’s often chief marketing officers who are responsible for the branding and identity by which consumers readily identify a company. So how are c-suite-level creative forces being compensated? To get a sense of what top tier marketing executives earn, Forbes worked with executive compensation firm Equilar. The 15 names appearing on the list have the highest salaries of executives with the word ‘marketing’ in their job title at all publicly traded companies in the U.S.”

“Topping the list this year is David B. Fischer, Vice-President of Business and Marketing Partnerships at one of the country’s most recognizable brands, Facebook. An alum of Google and the U.S. Treasury Department, Fischer joined Facebook in 2010 and is credited with building the social networking giant’s robust advertising platform.  In 2013, Fischer earned a whopping $8,009,343.”

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3 Replies to “Highest-Paid Marketing Executives”

  1. Fischer’s earning from 2013 are astounding but not surprising. I am not even a little bit shocked that the head of marketing for a company like Facebook makes that much money. Facebook has done an incredible job of catering to both its users and advertisers. If I was forced to choose any other major besides my current one, it would probably have to be marketing. I think it is not only interesting but also has a great payoff down the road. I love all the different facets of marketing, especially advertising.

  2. I love seeing that marketers are getting just as much compensation for their hard work and CEO/CFO’s do. It’s also great to see that a career in marketing can take a person to such a high position within a company, since a chief position is something that many young professionals today aspire to achieve in the future.

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