9 Replies to “Best U.S. Schools for Business Majors by Earnings: Zarb Is in the Top Twenty”

  1. This news does not surprise me. Zarb has been known to produce countless successful businessmen and women over the years. The networking opportunities that Hofstra provides are endless, and it makes sense that such a terrific, up-and-coming university is one of the country’s leaders in successful graduates.

  2. Woo! Go Zarb! These articles prove the facts that the Zarb School of Business is one of the best business schools in the country. Through class, it is even further known that we are heading out to be productive business people in an age of emerging globalization.

  3. This makes me a proud student of the Zarb School of Business! After transferring to Hofstra as a freshmen, I was extremely impressed with the faculty. All of the professors really want to help their students do well and are very flexible with their office hours. Not only do we have great professors, but amazing alumni! I was extremely impressed when I found out that many alumni come back to help current students get internships and jobs. I am currently working with Zarb School of Business alumni to help find me an internship for the summer!

  4. This is awesome. Although I am not a business major myself, it is still really good to see how the school is recognized by the outside world. I think even the ranking for Hofstra itself is extremely impressive. Being ranked 69th out of over 1000 schools is a huge accomplishment. I can only assume in the next few years, Hofstra will slowly climb in the ranks since the creation of the medical school. Sometimes the cost of being a Hofstra student is very overwhelming, but things like this help to remind me why I am here.

  5. This is a proud moment for Zarb! I was first introduced to Payscale by my Economics Professor, when he was explaining the “pay premium” we receive out of our tertiary education. Since huge amounts of loans are taken out of our pockets, we should be informed consumers and try to quantify how much our education is really worth. Payscale is a useful indicator to measure on average, how much each student earns when they first graduate/ reach their mid-career. But statistics do not always tell the whole story. They do not show you the sweat and tears students and faculty put in to make the necessary connections, nor the stories of students who do not “make it”. Ultimately, the end result we hope to get (Job? Career? Family?), has to be worked for. But it definitely helps that Zarb is making its name out there. Well done!

  6. I couldn’t believe this when I read it! Not that I am surprised, but it makes me proud to be a student of the Zarb Business School at Hofstra. The amazing reputation of the business school in particular was a major reason why I decided on Hofstra. Like already said, all of the professors are just amazing. Every single one of them truly cares about the students, and it is easy to tell that everyone is passionate about their jobs. I honestly believe as the school continues to grow, it will make its way even closer to the top of the list.

  7. I think this report is great for the reputation of Hofstra as whole. Statistics like this is what attracts students and parents alike. It also makes me happy to know that the business school I am a part of has a highly above-average ranking.

  8. Go Zarb! As a Hofstra student coming from the west coast, you have no idea how many times I’ve been asked the question: “How did you even hear about Hofstra?”. I only learned about Hofstra when they emailed me! However, over the last couple years, Hofstra has been gaining more and more recognition. The debates certainly helped with publicity and now, having Zarb as part of the top 20, Hofstra will only become even more well-known. This is a great accomplishments for Zarb and Hofstra as a whole!

  9. I’m sure I’m not the only student at Hofstra to sometimes wonder, did I make the right choice attending Hofstra…I wonder how it would be somewhere else? Well it’s achievements like this that strengthen my love for this school and reassure myself that Hofstra University was an excellent choice, especially since I am a business major. #PRIDE

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