6 Replies to “Hats Off to HAMA”

  1. That’s so awesome. I actually know someone that went on that trip – she’s in my sorority. I know a lot of hard work got put into it. I am so proud that she was able to have that experience and that Hofstra was able to place!

  2. This is a great opportunity and experience for students to have participated in! My best friend is actually in this picture and she told me all about the conference. This is a awesome achievement for the Zarb Business School.

  3. It is very cool to see that our business school is recognized this well! , I’m glad to see Hofstra students working hard and fulfilling their dreams as they prepare for their futures. This really surprised me as well as made me proud to say that I go to Hofstra.

  4. The Hofstra American Marketing Association is such an awesome organization to take part in. I myself have been involved with the organization and I am always so impressed by the level of talent that exists within the group. It is amazing how well they represent the Zarb School of Business and Hofstra as a whole.

  5. This is one more reason added to the long list of why I love being a student of the prestigious Hofstra University. I’m truly so proud to be apart of the Zarb School of Business. Congratulations! #PRIDE

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