As we know, digital advertising is growing strongly, often at the expense of print and other traditional media.

According to eMarketer, worldwide digital advertising was nearly $105 billion in 2012, representing about 21 percent of total media spending. In 2018, it is expected that worldwide digital advertising will reach $204 billion, about 31 percent of all media spending.

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7 Replies to “Digital Advertising Continues to Soar Worldwide”

  1. Growing up online in the past 10 years, I have personally watched the increase of advertising. It is crazy to think that I used to watch videos on youtube and there where no commercials. That my Facebook newsfeed was only a list of my friends status’s, and the popup advertisement was the exception instead of the ordinary. Now advertising is expected, and things like ad-block and other add-ons have been created to stop this because commercials and other popups are just so prevalent.

  2. The rise in digital advertising can be seen in the multiple changes in Facebook. What started as only a few ads on the side has transformed into a website that has ads that cannot be blocked by AdBlock browser extensions. While annoying, it is easy to see why ads are needed for some sort of revenue stream for these social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

  3. Digital advertising is the path that advertising will be taking into the future. Digital advertising is so much more efficient because its outreach is so widespread. Also, when advertising on platforms like Facebook, Twitter or other networking sites, advertisers can personalize and cater to their customers. By your popular searches, clicks, and viewed items, company can target their market via the internet.

  4. Digital Advertising has consistently grown more popular. It is a great way for companies to target a broad audience. It is almost impossible to escape the constant popup advertisements on many social networks including Facebook, twitter and other medias such as Pandora radio. I think digital advertising will continue to grow in the future as a a key marketing and advertising outlet.

  5. Personally, I think digital marketing will become more and more important since it’s easy accessible, convenient, high exposure. Nowadays, some companies even devote all of their marketing budget into digital marketing meanwhile, some specialists are emerging into the platform of marketing.

  6. Advertising on the internet has become so popular over the past few years. Personally I hate it when I visit a web page and advertisements take up so much room on the page. But I have been getting used to it and lately the ads do not catch my attention anymore. It’s crazy to see how much money they spend and expect to spend on digital advertising. I think that it is an effective way to reach potential consumers because so many people are using the internet in Today’s day and age. With that being said I would love it if youtube got rid of the advertisements because those are the one’s that annoy me the most.

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