For years, Burger King has tried to gain on its long-time competitor McDonald’s. Nonetheless, in the United States and around the globe, McDonald’s is the clear and undisputed king.

Now, come two new commercials. Who do you think comes out on top (again)? 🙂

Burger King is using former NBA great Chris Webber to promote its NCAA March Madness 2 for $5 sandwich deal.

Meanwhile, McDonald’s has introduced a new TV ad with current NBA mega superstar Lebron “The King” James.


16 Replies to “Celebrity Endorsements: Who Is Ahead in the Burger Wars?”

  1. Well to start, the McDonalds commercial was 15 seconds longer, double the time of their competitor. Also in my personal opinion, McDonalds had a more prominent professional athlete in their commercial (Lebron James vs Chris Webber). The final factor that leads to my decision that McDonalds won in this commercial competition was the fact that they included other athletes like Johnny Manziel. Sorry, maybe next time BK.

  2. I find it funny because both of these celebrities are basketball related and just like how McDonalds trumps burger king as a fast food chain, their basketball celebrity trumped burger king’s. Secondly its interesting to see how the two chains are competing. BK came out with a sponsor for their commercial and at the same time Mcdonalds fired back with one of their own always trying to stay on the same level as their competition.

  3. It is clear that McDonald’s has always been in the lead, and these two commercials help prove that point. The fact that the Burger King commercial features a retired basketball player whereas McDonald’s uses a more current and popular star is one way in which McDonald’s demonstrates it is still on top.

    1. I think McDonald’s commercial was way better. Lebron James is one of the best athletes in the world right now at the top of his game. Chris Webber is a has been basketball player and is not current, right now. I also like it better how McDonald’s showed the product they are selling to give us a visual of what it would look like. Burger King only showed the product in the bag. I think McDonald’s once again had a stronger celebrity and marketed there product better.

  4. Watching these two commercials shows so clearly who the winner of these two burger places is. This is for two very important factors. One is that the McDonald’s commercial is more than twice as long as the Burger King commercial. The second factor is the difference between the two basketball stars. Chris Webber is a former NBA player, or “old news”, and Lebron James is a current super star NBA player, or the new “in thing”. I don’t think Burger King will ever be better or more popular than McDonalds.

  5. Burger King is always trying new ways to beat McDonalds, and every time McDonalds finds a way to one up them. Burger King took the Taco Bell commercial and gave it a twist. McDonalds saw what Burger King did, and got one of the greatest athlete to date to do a commercial with them. I feel like Burger King will always be playing catch up with McDonalds.

  6. I feel like both are GROSS. But I never hear people talk about wanting to go to Burger King for some reason McDonalds always more popular. I feel like this shows the similarity in what both fast food places offer. They are up against each other because they offer the same thing. Maybe if one changed the game the competition would be different.

  7. I think McDonald’s won this time. I am not a big basketball fan so the choice of celebrity did not mean much to me although I have heard of both athletes. However, I thought that the whole concept was better for McDonald’s from the illusion that the new sandwich is so good it is saved for the famous, with the ending when Lebron James suggests that maybe the sandwich should be shared with everyone. I think it was a great commercial, especially because it was McDonald’s, the opposite of an exclusive club fine dining establishment. I felt like it poked a bit of fun at the company which I like to see in advertisements.

  8. I find it funny how they are always trying to compete by using similar ideas. McDonald’s has always been the top while Burger King has always tried to over rule them. It amazes me how they both use basketball players, but yet again McDonald’s has the more current NBA player which attracts more people as well. It is tough since both fast food places offer the same foods/ deals but for some reason McDonald’s always wins.

  9. I’m a bit torn. Although McDonald’s had the better celebrity and the “you should sell it to everyone” message, Burger King’s was funnier, had a clearer quality video, and had a better looking sandwich. Although most people will say McDonald’s was better because the celebrity trumped Burger King’s, I think Burger King’s video was of overall much better quality from the voice, the lighting, the clarity, the timing and product view. I will remember the Burger King ad before I will remember the McDonald’s ad, simply because in the long run, McDonald’s took longer to get to the point. We live in a society that has no attention span and is very busy. We need the commercials even faster than the fast food they advertise.

  10. Chris Webber was a great basketball star, but he is retired. Lebron, on the other hand, is a current basketball star and may be one of the best players of all time. If Burger King really wanted to compete they should have used Michael Jordan, who is probably the only player better than Lebron. This post should have included Taco Bell’s newest commercial featuring the “Ronald McDonalds” of the world, but I guess that’s another story.

  11. McDonalds definitely won this advertisement battle because of the athlete’s they have. I don’t understand why Burger King wont get more famous celebrities or athlete’s to appear in their commercials because they know they are not as popular as McDonalds. Maybe Burger King will learn better advertisement strategies and draw more consumers. In the end McDonalds will probably always be ahead of Burger King.

  12. McDonald’s definitely won this battle. Especially if the younger generation is watching they are going to know who Lebron James is but many might not know Chris Webber so it will not appeal to them as much. At the same time, there are many Lebron James “haters” who might choose not to go to McDonald’s just because Lebron was in a commercial for them. It might sound crazy but it is true. I know when the Lebron James Sprite drink came out I heard many of my friends say that they would never buy it or even try it because they hate Lebron that much.

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