Take a look at the popular and informative infographic below on shopping worldwide in 2014 and beyond.

As Nicky Yates observed for Social Media Week: “What if I told you that each time someone shares a product, a business makes $2.04? Or that mobile accounts for 15-20% of eBay’s purchases? How we shop is drastically changing; which means the retail industry is drastically changing. With mobile use increasing and the advent of contact-less payment options for stores, it’s an exciting time.

The infographic was prepared by Gift-Library.com,  which “offers a unique combination of Personal Shopping and fulfillment for high-end luxury gifts.”



6 Replies to “The Shopper of the Future Is Here!”

  1. I can definitely see the truth in this infographic, from a consumer and marketer standpoint. I think the college-student demographic can especially relate to this, as we are always shopping around and comparing prices/products before deciding on what we will purchase. Online shopping allows us to do this with much more ease than going from store to store.

  2. I agree from a consumers standpoint as well as a college student. Being a college student and a constant shopper, it is easier for me to sit behind my computer to order online rather than the hassle of going all over the place to search for what I want. I would rather pay the extra fees than just going to the store itself. Also, during some classes in which we all know are very boring and dreadful, it gives me extra time to do some online shopping in which I would not have time elsewhere in my day.

    1. I can definitely believe those statistics. Social media is everything these days. People are so connected online and to their phones and computers. Most people find out about new products by looking online first before even going to the store. I personally always look online to find the products I want and then I will compare sites to find the best price possible. Most times I will just order the product to my house so I don’t have to deal with lines and traffic. Also a lot of companies have online exclusive deals and free shipping which is an added bonus.

      1. I personally hate to shop, so the fact that it is becoming easier to shop online is better for me. Being in school is time consuming enough so being able to shop at home and order things online that I may need makes it easier. The only bad thing with shopping online is that if you don’t have the store you bought it from local, returning is a hassle.

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