At this time of the year, many people feel stressed about holiday shopping, end-of-year “must do” activities, work responsibilities, final exams and term papers, and other factors.

So, what can we do to reduce our stress levels?

According to Bite Size Wellness:

Sights: Being a visual person, visual-based activities tend to be soothing and uplifting as they bring my mind to another place. Close your eyes and breath! Sounds: Are you an auditory person? Do you love music? If so, experiment with sounds to reduce stress and exercise your acoustic muscles. Smells: There is something about a burning lavender candle that instantly puts me in the calm zone. Surround yourself with energizing and soothing scents to comfort you when you are frazzled. Touch: If you are a hugger you know how beneficial the power of touch is. Experiment with tangible sensation and focus on those that relax and renew. Taste: Mindfully indulge your sense of taste. Slowly savoring a favorite treat can help focus your stress elsewhere. Just remember the key is to pamper your tongue in moderation so that your stress doesn’t impact your waistline.”

Check out this infographic to learn more. 🙂



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  1. With finals coming up and final projects and papers due for professors it’s easy for any college student to become really stressed out and freak out. Personally, the tips and advice that are stated in the infographic are all skills that I have learned throughout the years to deal with stress. One really helpful tip that really helped was to go outside and take a walk for ten minutes. Natural air really helps with calming nerves and stress. Also, looking into the mirror and taking deep breaths are also easy coping methods for staying stress-free.

  2. I was stressful because i cannot utilize the time effectively, the more pressure i took , the more time i wasted. Luckily, i learn a lesson from my friend,which is making a precise schedule via iCalendar or other apps on your smart phone, and then try to follow it . I take the suggestion and feel better right now , because I can master my time no matter study or relax, of course my finals as well ( Hopefully^^) btw, appreciate for the post, its very useful at this moment !

  3. This is a very relatable post between finals and the holidays coming up. Stress can be brought about by both good and bad events and can be difficult to manage. I have find myself already utilizing many of these techniques. Having a clean room and calming scents, such as candles, definitely helps to manage stress. I have never attempted techniques such as affirmations or deep breathing however coming into finals I will definitely take all the advice I can get!

  4. This is the PERFECT time for this post to be posted. Finals week is nearly ending and given the circumstances some students are in with their classes, stress is something assumed to come around. The tips given in this blog about using sounds, smells, touch, and taste are useful ones that I have learned in my stress management class earlier this semester. One technique I use to reduce stress is to lay down with my eyes closed and listen to some of my more relaxing favorite songs. During the rest of finals, time permitting, I’m going to try to balance out as much studying and relaxing as possible.

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