While we plan out our careers, we certainly need to determine what activities interest us (as part of our self-assessment).

As Matt Wesson observes for Pardot (B2B marketing automation provider and a part of salesforce.com):

“Technology has given marketers the ability to track, quantify, and optimize marketing processes at a level that was unheard of only a year ago. The marketing scientist has come to dominate this new arena of objective measurement and data-driven thinking, while the marketing artist continues to thrive on creative ideas and a more abstract way of thinking. But while these two differently-minded marketers may sometimes disagree over where the focus should lie,  the marketing departments that will truly excel in this new age of marketing are those that recognize the value in both approaches.”

Take a look at the infographic prepared by Pardot.

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17 Replies to “If Marketing Is Your Career, Would You Rather Be an Artist or a Scientist?”

  1. I really think this depends on what kind of market you are in. For instance, market in USA, I would say it is more mature, so probably marketing scientists would be better. Market in China, it is relatively less mature and therefore has a huge potential. So marketers really need to be so creative to attract people’s eyeballs. In China, if you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you really need to trust your instinct instead of data. Data doesnt work well all the time in China. A very simple example, so many foreign economist have forecasted that Chinese real estate market is a big bubble and would bring disaster to Chinese economy. However, the market is still strong there and there is no sigh that the bubble will break.

  2. There is no doubt in my mind that I would be a Marketing Artist. With that said, I think that I have aspects that can be attributed to both the artist and the scientist.

    I think that part of marketing is intuition. You have to have a certain instilled knowledge and understanding of what consumers desire and how they respond to certain campaigns. In my opinion, this skill falls under the artist’s set of skills.

    On top of this intuition, marketers need to understand how to crunch the numbers and break down the data. These are the facts.

    Balancing fact and intuition is key to good marketing, and I think that the best campaigns are those that utilize both the tradition marketing artist and the more modern marketing scientist.

    1. So well put, in all of History we see that the one caught napping,
      never saw things coming, our eye’s and ear’s open to the personal
      lessons of old school, while using the new tools and data available
      today, this delivers the best of abilities.

  3. In my opinion, I feel that I would be a marketing scientist. Already being a psychologist I’ve learned to focus a lot on ideas using statistics and data analytics as a means of supporting my ideas and how I can better improve upon them. As much as I like the idea of being a marketing artist, I feel that in order to gauge the effectiveness of the social media campaigns there must be some time of data run with statistics to back them all up. Ideally, the perfect union would be a merger of the two ideas or having a team in a firm comprising of both styles with both complimenting and pushing back on one another.

  4. As a marketing major I am hoping to lean towards the Marketing Artist aspect. I see that to be more fitting, I do like some aspects of a Marketing Scientist though, I wouldn’t mind analyzing data to track trends, but I just see myself as a more creative person and I would love to think of innovative ideas to get a marketing campaign going. To ultimately be a great marketer I think it is important to be well rounded but I say that goes for really any career. It is better to be knowledgeable in all aspects I feel unless you truly excel at one aspect then I say stick to that!

  5. Before I even read this. Then after reading this, I was right. When I think marketing, I think of everything the Marketing Artist said. I haven’t even thought of marketing as data, I only thought Marketing was about getting to the consumers. It is important though to have an equal mmix of the two. It wouldn’t be good to be more of an artist than a scientist, and vice versa. The perfect mix would be 50% artist and 50% scientist, That way there will be a good time focused on numbers, and forecasting, and on the other side a good focus on reaching the masses, and how people feel. I think it is important to analyze yourself to see if you are an artist or scientist, if you are in the marketing field. That way, you can work on whichever one you aren’t this way, you can become a better marketer.

  6. I find the marketing artist more favorable than the marketing scientist but in all reality i believe you should be a little bit of both. Being well rounded in the marketing field is the best way to being successful. If an individual tries t implement characteristics from both the scientist and the artist they will be seen as more valuable by firms i believe.

  7. I would have to go with marketing scientist. I never see myself as the creative type. I enjoy performing analysis of data but photoshopping not so much. Marketing is a key aspect of a businesses’ core operations. Marketing is both an art and a science and as such it requires both artists and scientists. While both are needed, again I would be more of a scientist than an artist.

  8. I would choose the marketing artist. As I was reading through each of their sides I found that I had a lot more in common with the marketing artist than I did with the marketing strategy. I am more creative and I prefer to use some of the sites that the marketing artist offers rather than what the marketing scientist offers, however, it can not hurt to want to be both types of marketing.

  9. I would be a marketing artist. I think most of those points relate to who I am and how I work. I think it’s very important to know who you are and your strengths. It translates to the work you do. Someone who knows what they are best at, shows confidence, especially when getting employed. I think learning outside of your comfort zone is important as well. So, even though I don’t fit into marketing scientist, I think it would benefit to learn some of those skills as well.

  10. I would rather be an artist in marketing. Being hands on is directly a key factor in the successful in your brand. Its ultimately is up to your hard your trying to promote your self. With the new age of social media outlets its the perfect time to persistently get your name and brand out.

  11. While it is clear a cohesive mix would be most effective, I would definitely think of myself as the “artist”. While numbers and data are important in determining the effectiveness of your techniques, it is also important that the consumer is being reached on a personal and emotional level, which numbers cant do. Especially with the new generation of social media obsessed customers, reaching them in an attractive and creative way becomes especially important.

  12. I think there has to be a good mix between a marketing artist and a marketing scientist to create a good balance in the marketing world. Yes the scientist need to find the facts and access the information, but there is always tangible and apply theories to humans also have different affects. Adjustments need to be made and artist are open to all creativity and are able to think of different options fast. When scientists are able to work with the artist they will be able to find the perfect medium between the two sides.

  13. I would definitely be a Marketing Artist, being a Public Relations major, I feel like that would be a likely candidate if I were to switch to major in marketing. I definitely rather emotionally connect with consumers and base our product on how they feel. I also believe social media is a huge factor in bringing more sales for a company.

    But with that being said there’s no doubt that having attributes from both marketing artist and marketing scientist makes the perfect marketer.

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