As we have discussed before (also click here), creating a strong personal brand is one of the most important things that you can do for getting a job and advancing in your career. So, if you have not taken this seriously yet, you should so so now.

Consider this observation from Jessica Holbrook Hernandez, writing for “Your resume is an amazingly important document. It not only speaks to your past accomplishments, but it also acts as a predictor of your future capabilities. However, your resume can’t successfully complete this task if it isn’t packed with quality information. This includes an outstanding personal branding statement.”

Click the image to read three personal branding tips from Holbrook Hernandez.



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  1. Throughout my time at Hofstra, I have heard a lot about branding yourself. I think that the greatest outlet for branding yourself is the internet. Through it, people have the opportunity to put themselves out there and get noticed. When done right, the internet can be a beneficial tool when it comes to separating yourself from the pack.

    Journalism majors for example should look to Twitter to build a reputation within the industry they are hoping to get into. Aspiring sports journalists should follow professionals. They should interact with them and post content. When it comes time to interview for a position within the field, employers can look at their Twitter history to see how devoted they are to the profession.

    Branding yourself is all about making your name known. Put 110% into everything you do, and you will build a great reputation. Just like a company that promotes a new product, we promote ourselves.

  2. I feel that one of the constant things that people hear is to keep branding yourself. However, I feel that as useful as this could be, I also feel that it could be detrimental to people as well. If someone were to brand themselves improperly or in a manner that some people found to be offensive, then one would be ruined forever in a sense. I feel that the article helps to give more insight on how to brand yourself, but I feel that more information should be given out regarding as to how branding can help and/or hurt depending on how it is approached.

  3. This was a great post! I think branding yourself is one of the most important things you can do for career to show that you are a good attribute to a certain company. I like the 2nd tip the best about being able to discuss your individual goals. I think it’s a great way to show what you care about and that you are thinking about the future as well as what’s happening right now. Currently my boss and I have been talking about my career and she mentioned that having an interesting and relatable social media presence was another great way to build my personal brand. I think this post is great because today having a personal brand is almost as being well qualified for the job.

  4. This topic is important to everyone. A person’s image at the end of the day is all that person really has. You can take the richest and most successful person; however, if he has a bad public image and is not liked by many people, what does that man really have? Personal branding is more than just words on a resume, it’s about how you carry on your name physically and how you act as a human being. That will give you a positive branding image to everyone you encounter. I personally live by the philosophy that I won’t do anything that I wouldn’t recommend to other people, and vice versa.

  5. A lot of people over look how important their resume is. This past Thanksgiving I read a resume someone turned in. Not only did the beginning skills not fit into the job but there were some small typos. This all was followed by “I am very detailed(sic) oriented.” A bad resume, or a resume with mistakes, can really hurt an otherwise qualified person from getting a job.

  6. I believe branding yourself is incredibly important for an individual to be successful. Your image and reputation for very important when comes to excelling in many fieelds now a days. You have to portray yourself in a manner that allows you to be able to be capable of getting many jobs. The better your reputation is and your personal image the more likely company s will be to hire you.

  7. I found this article very interesting and useful. I think your resume is a great way to show your own personality brand to employers. A well written resume should show your personality because that’s what employers are looking to get from your resume in addition to your job experiences. For example, someone who has a lot of community service on their resume can be easily seen as a personality trait of being kind and helpful to others. Branding yourself can be extremely important when searching for a job because it get the employer a better idea of the person they are considering to higher.

  8. Its I’mportent to brand yourself with the proper accolades for success. If you want to be wealthy study what wealthy people do. A strong personal brand is not only neccessay for success but if you don’t have one you will be lost within the list of countless others resumes fighting for the same position. Listen to successful audio books and keep a library of financial literacy which will assist in the preparation of a life of financial abundance

  9. I think this article was extremely useful. When applying for jobs or internships you must have a completed resume. A resume allows for the people working at the company to get a sneak peak through words what kind of perosn you are like. Without meeting you yet, they can get an idea of the type of personality you have. A resume must be honest, creative, and make you stand out. If they can tell just by reading your resume that you are right for the job than you fufilll all of their requirments. With a well written resume, there is a better chance of landing the job because they have a better understanding of the type of person you are.

  10. This was great to read because it really applies to college students. As someone who is dealing with applying to jobs and internships, it’s so important to stand out. Even when interviewing, my mom always told me to really sell myself as a personal brand. These tips are very interesting, like the one about future goals. I also never thought of how a resume really doesn’t say much about someone. It’s just a bunch of past accomplishment, it doesn’t show who you or want to become. I’m glad I read this post!

  11. As a college student, I found this post especially helpful and could definitely relate to it. You constantly hear about branding yourself and the importance of a resume in applying to jobs and internships. The way you present yourself on paper can “make it or break it”. Your resume is essentially how you are marketing yourself. Its as if you are the product and it is the sales pitch, why should that company “buy” you?

  12. That was really interesting to read especially since I am still trying to pick up tips to improve my resume. It also got my attention that three little simple steps can help you to improve your goals and focus on the reaching the career you want. I think I am actually going to take some time and follow step two and write down what my goals are or what I want to improve on. Even write down my view of the world and what i want to see more of from others and myself.

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