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  1. I feel like I didn’t know that half of those items even existed. A bunch of them I could not even want because I do not have the main device that they are made for. One that really caught my eye was the griffin charging system that allows you to plug in a bunch of USB cables to charge multiple devices at once. This I feel like would be extremely useful for all the apple fans that have every apple device that is out right now. Im also not sure how the gel pillow is really a piece of technology when it basically is just a big piece of gel.

  2. Most of the items on this list I feel like were the same, just made by different companies. I also did not see anything on this list that I was dying to have, even though there were a few items that I saw on this list that I were surprised even existed. I also think that having the iPad on the list was a little ridiculous because Apple is such a large and well known brand that people are always purchasing new apple products and it is not really new.

  3. I enjoyed that list because I wasn’t even aware of half of those products existed. I feel like I’m one of the few people my age that doesn’t have an iPad, but I have so many friends that received iPads as gifts last year for Christmas. Besides the iPad, my attention was caught on the pillow. It seems incredibly weird and cool. I would love to know how it helps you sleep better! This list was pretty interesting…I’ll probably show it to my dad, since he loves to read about the newest technology products. I think this little gift guide is a good idea because people love to make buying gifts ease. Plus, because the products were “hand picked,”, the idea seems much more personable and trust worthy for consumers to purchase an item for the holiday.

  4. I am confused to why someone would want to spend $300 on headphones or $200 on a pillow.. some of these products seemed like a waste of money to me and the most interesting part is that people are actually spending this kind of money on headphones and pillows if they are the top wanted products this holiday. However, I did think the charging system that allows you to plug in multiple devices looks really useful and of good value and may even look into to ask for as a holiday gift. I did see a lot of these products in the Black Friday cataloug’s this morning for discounted prices so I am sure many people will be purchasing these within the next few days if they are the top wanted products this season.

  5. I like motion sensor one and XBOX one. But I feel like I dont need them now. I also like one that is not listed here. It is an Iphone case but can be used as tazer(?) gun. When it is fully charged and somehow you click Home button, it will release electricity. I think that would be a great tool for people living in a bad neighborhood. But I think it is illegal to carry a tazer gun in new york state.

  6. Although a lot of these tech toys seem fun and interesting, I don’t see myself purchasing many of these for the holidays. I do like playing around with gadgets but many of these seemed overpriced. The one item that seemed cool was the Power Dock station. I have a very large family who all have smart phones and tablets so this is a gift that would be ideal and work great in our home. Another item that caught my eye was the NeatConnect Cloud Scanner. It’s a very cool concept to keep peoples documents, receipts, and other papers organized. I watched the demo video on the Neat products site and it was very appealing, but I just can’t see myself spending $500 dollars on that gadget this holiday season!

  7. I feel that a lot of items are the list are a tad overrated. Most of the items just improve upon little things in society and would be considered minor innovations. As of now, the only thing that is revolutionary in my opinion and might actually be worth some money would be the bar tending set. Its a fresh idea, that I haven’t really seen anywhere else and it could get many different uses out of it, whether for bar tending or even simply entertaining at a christmas party. I believe that we are getting too focused on what is new out there, compared to what is more functional.

  8. This list was quite amusing. I would not spend that much money on headphones. I think the NeatConnect Cloud Scanner is a great idea because I’m someone who has a lot of receipts and random cards sitting at the bottom of my purse, and it would help me get organized. It seems like a good investment. I like the Griffin power dock station because I have many Apple devices and it would be convenient to have one place to charge them all. The dock also looks neat and organized and is not an eye sore of plugs sticking out everywhere.

  9. Interestingly, the most appealing item to me on that list was the pillow. It was the only item I found to actually be useful, but I still dont know that I would spend that much on a pillow. While many of these technological toys seemed fun and interesting, I am not sure any of them could be considered necessities… or that I would ever spend so much money on headphones. I feel like there are cheaper alternatives to most of these options or that you need to have another product first.

  10. It is crazy to think about how far technology has come in the past 10 years. One of the devices on this list that really caught my eye and surprised me was Leap Motion Control, which is the beginning to the gesture-control computer market. For only eighty dollars we would be able to act like people do in some movies and it literally blow my mind to see us on that level. This shows me that the computer market is only growing and the possibly new technologies they are working on, are changing our ways of life.

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