The Super Bowl is not only the most important event for American sports fans each year; it is the Super Bowl of advertising, too. Sponsors use the event to unveil their most creative ads and try to create buzz at the various Web sites that follow the advertising. The sponsors are willing to spend $4 million per 30 second spot for the 2014 Super Bowl. And commercial time will be fully sold out. For entertainment value, Bruno Mars will be the 2014 halftime performer.

For an early peek at who’ll be advertising — and what they’ll doing — during the 2014 Super Bowl, click the image.

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  1. The Superbowl is one of the rare times when the average consumer waits and pays full attention to the commercials. Typically, TV-watchers use commercial time to go to the bathroom, or go grab a bite to eat, but not during the Superbowl. Since commercials are so expensive it causes the companies purchasing these 30 second spots to put in a lot of work into the effectiveness of the commercial. Additionally, there are many companies who are fan favorites every year for these Superbowl commercials such as Anheuser-Bush, Doritos, and Go-Daddy. The day after the Superbowl, people do not talk as much about the gameplay as they talk about the commercials. I’m excited to watch each and every commercial in this years superbowl

  2. The list of the advertisements that will appear in the 2014 Superbowl is not a surprising one. At four million dollars for 30 seconds it is not surprising that most companies choose just one 30 second commercial, but there were a few exceptions. It is important to make sure the creativeness is on point for these commercials. I mean this is really the time for these companies to shine and show what there company is as a whole and what products they have to offer. The creativity is backed up by many drawing boards and group collaborative thinking that put in a lot of thought into these commercials.

  3. Four million dollars for a 30 second commercial is ridiculous almost every day of the year, One of the only exceptions is the super bowl. The super bowl is when most americans sit on their best friends couch and watch the super bowl commercials and sometimes even the super bowl. Super bowl commercials are a little risky in my opinion to have because you spend at least four million dollars on a commercial that people may not remember. Every company is going to try their hardest to steal the spotlight with their commercial. If you succeed and pull off the best or one of the best super bowl commercials, people will talk about it not just for a couple of days after but for years to come. I can’t wait to see the creative super bowl commercials they come up with this year.

  4. The Superbowl has become a “fake” holiday. It is just like Halloween a holiday that really came from nothing, but companies trying to make money. So many markets make money from the Superbowl. Some people watch the Superbowl because they actually wanna see the game and some people just watch it to see the commercials and the game itself is treated like a normal commercial to them. I feel like everybody no matter the interest in the sport, are in someway affected by the Superbowl.

  5. I believe these super bowl commericals can be extremely affective at generating revenue and customer base to a company. It is also extremely unneccessary. The commercials are almost like mini-movies and to some people more important than the super bowl itself. It can create new fans of products and tons of public recognition. The thing is that most of these companies already generate large income and have huge, loyal customer base. This is almost an exercise in futility and a legal way for big wig companies to corner the market even more than they already have.

  6. Advertisers and marketers cannot wait to get their hands on Superbowl commercials. The commercials draw a huge following every year, and many people claim they only watch the program for the commercials. There is no other program on television that garners this much attention surrounding advertisements, so companies do everything they can to be the one with the most creative and talked about ad. It is interesting that Jaguar is coming into the mix this year! I think they are doing a great job by choosing Tom Hooper to direct! Like the advertisements that we see on TV every day, many brands are using celebrities to promote their product for the Superbowl. This proves that the power of the faces of celebrities is huge! I’m definitely looking forward to seeing the ads and talking about them for days following the event.

  7. I feel like some people who watch the Super Bowl have other motives rather than watching the football game. For example, when I asked someone last year if they were excited fro Super Bowl Sunday, they responded verbatim: “Well, I don’t like either team so I’m not that excited for the game itself. But I am excited for the commercials.” Companies like Doritos and Budweiser dominate the popular commercial field. Every year people just get more and more excited for the commercials to see if they can outdo themselves from the year before. I think that the price to pay for a commercial during the Super Bowl is actually fairly priced. It is the most watched event on TV and millions of people will definitely see your ad. It is an astronomical amount of money, but if I were a company that had that type of money to spend, I would absolutely pay for a 30 second spot for a commercial during the Super Bowl.

  8. I’m excited for the Superbowl this year just for these commercials. Last year’s Superbowl was a little disappointing because I didn’t think that the commercials were that good. I hope that this year will be better because I feel that many viewers watch solely for them. It was cool to see who was already getting ready for the Superbowl in Feb. I was excited to see what the companies were planning on making this year. It was insane to hear this year that each of the sponsors “are willing to spend $4 million per 30 second spot”. I read that GoDaddy will have two, 30 second commercials. Its insane that they will spend 8 million dollars on commercials. But some of the groups seem to have some potential this year, but I guess we have to wait another three months.

  9. When most people think of the Super Bowl, they think of all the creative and funny commercials that companies come up with to get their product out to the consumers and how they make our time watching the big game more enjoyable. The lineup for the SUper Bowl this year is basically the same as every other year. Only the really big companies, like Anheuser Busch and PepsiCo, can afford the $4 million 30 second time spot, which is why they consistently have a commercial or two during the Super Bowl every year. I hope this years lineup of commercials turn out to be better than previous years’ because i feel they haven’t been as great as they were when I was little.

  10. While the lineup for this years Superbowl sorta seems like the same old stuff we are used to seeing and would ultimately be a snoozefest, I’m always interested in what they bring to the table. I think the most important aspect of all these Super Bowl advertisers is how they can brand themselves year after year, and also maybe not how successful of a commercial it is but how STUPID the commercial is. I still remember a Burger King commercial that had the rockettes in it dancing and becoming a giant Whopper, upon seeing it I remarked how stupid it was yet I remember that more than any other commercial. Obviously the advertising experts at Budweiser/Mars/Doritos will all bring their heavy hitters, but the real question is which one of the underdogs will pull out the favorite of the night. I’m also very interested in this Butterfinger Cups…but that’s mainly because of my love of all things candy.

  11. The Super Bowl is probably the only time that television viewers intentionally watch the commercial breaks. The public gets excited to see the creative commercials the companies come out with every year. With this being said, it is no surprise that companies are willing to pay crazy amounts each year to show their best commercial during the Super Bowl. Companies such as mars, Doritos, and pepsi air commercials every year during the Super Bowl to reach the wide audience of viewers. These commercials are normally talked about post Super Bowl more then the Super Bowl itself. I won’t be able to watch the commercials as they air this year because ill be working at the super bow but I’m still excited to see what these companies advertisers come out with this year!

  12. As expensive as it is for a company to get their advertisements played on commercials in between the super bowl, I think it is extremely important that they do. People watch the super bowl just to watch the commercials. And if a commercial is really funny or impacting the consumer in some way to remember the next day, they’ll talk about the commercials to their friends, family, coworkers that may have not been watching the super bowl the night before. I remember missing the super bowl last year, but could still name several commercials just because my friends and family would be talking about them the next day, and then I would go look them up online to watch them myself. The commercials played during the super bowl are almost always entertaining and people actually enjoy them, instead of the every day annoyance of commercials that people use just as a break to go to the bathroom or get something to eat quick. I know I personally always look forward to watching the commercials during the super bowl when I normally wouldn’t even bother wasting time watching commercials any other day.

  13. The Super Bowl is also known for their advertising. Companies who play their commericals during the Super Bowl will be seen in the public eye in a different way. This can help a brand to get more consumers, because there commerical that was only seen that one time at Super Bowl was the most memorable commercial about their product. Yes, 4 million dollars for a 30 second commercial is a lot of money, however, I think it is worth the money. To be able to have your company’s brand or product shown, even for 30 seconds, at the Super Bowl is going to benefit and positvely, for the most part, affect your company in a good way. They are getting a lot more recognition then they ever have, especially because this 30 second commercial is creative, different, and has more meaning to it then any other commercial for a brand.

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