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  1. We don’t really tend to think about how different marketing firms market to other marketers, but this graphic provides a lot of interesting information regarding the best ways to sell to marketers. I am interested to learn that 25% more appointments are set with marketers than with other professionals and Tuesday is the best day to make appointments with marketers. Also, the hours between 2 and 3 p.m. eastern time are the most convenient time to target marketers. It is shown in this report that marketers are 25% more receptive to lead generation efforts than most professionals. This statistic shows just how important it is for a company to make sure it’s effectively selling to marketing professionals.

  2. It’s always interesting to see statistical data visualized for information such as this. One stat I find interesting here includes the productivity graphs showcasing appointments set by day and time. The saying that someone, “has a case of the Mondays” takes on definitive meaning here, with Monday achieving the 2nd lowest score for days of the week. Tuesday conversely shapes up to be the most productive day by a long shot, accounting for 30% of all weekly productivity. Additionally, appointments set by time of day prove that 11am-3pm represent the prime-time to accomplish work, comparatively to the other hourly segments. Even the 13% of appointments made AFTER following up on a no-interest initial response prove that reaching out to even disinterested businesses can have its rewards. Statistical information such as this is important to gather on a regular basis: with this data, businesses can discern what is the most optimal times, days, and methods to go about using when marketing technology. Keeping up-to-date data and knowing your customer base helps form a more proactive than reactive marketing strategy.

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