As consumers, we always need to be carefully about get ripped off — whether at a store or online.

According to CBS Money Watch, these are some of the especially “outrageous” scams to keep in mind:

  • The $46,000 “economy” car
  • The $135 complaint fee
  • The 1,000% shopping spree loan
  • Penalty via pre-paid card
  • Affiliate marketing “coaching” scams
  • The phantom fitness clubs
  • Faux house rentals
  • The classic and trendy

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3 Replies to “Ripoffs to Avoid”

  1. As consumers, we need to do our research before we choose to purchase certain things. People are out there to make money, and they try to do whatever they can to sell their product. It is our responsibility as consumers to read up on what we are purchasing before we purchase it to ensure that this product is worth our hard earned money. Many people tend to put the blame on the fraudulent salespeople. They are out there to make money, and the blame should also be put on the consumer if they fail to do research ahead of time and purchase a faulty product or a product that was “a ripoff”.

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