A great story on this topic appeared in Wednesday April 3’s Wall Street Journal, complete with audio and video clips.

As noted by the WSJ: “Why is it that some people rack their brains for new ideas, only to come up empty — while others seem to shake them almost effortlessly out of their sleeves? Whether creativity is an innate gift or a cognitive process that anyone can jump-start is a question so intriguing that researchers keep studying it from different angles and discovering new and surprising techniques. Several recent studies suggest that the best route to an ‘aha moment’ involves stepping away from the grindstone — whether it’s taking a daydream break, belting back a drink or two, or simply gazing at something green.” Click here to read the full story.

Click here for a video clip.

Click here for an audio clip. This is an interesting discussion of the “aha” moment and “mind wandering” for innovators.


5 Replies to “How Do You Spark Innovativeness?”

  1. I think the best way to become inspired is experiencing new things and getting out of your comfort zone or daily routine. I feel the most innovative or creative when in a new environment or trying new things. It sparks your sense of adventure and almost a child-like excitement that can’t be found sitting in an office racking your brain for ideas. You aren’t going to become inspired by staring at a boring office or talking to the same people you’re around all day, every day. The more experiences you have, the more cultured you are and the more you can relate to people. The more you can relate to people, the easier it will be to create something ground-breaking that everyone is interested in.

  2. I support the notion that before let the mind daydream, massive information and knowledge need to be absorbed. This is said to be a way of let the subconscious work for the purpose as the way subconscious control the body to reach something. And also, I think organized and analytical way of thinking is a must after an idea is generated.

  3. In modern society, creativity is an significant personality. Although, innate personality may make a different on the ability of creativeness, i think the environment we grow up have a crucial influence on innovation. For example, the education of Chinese is more restricted to students than that of Western. It may not stimulate their brain and make them rigidity. Thus, it is important for children to cultivate creative personality through correct education.

  4. It is hard for us to generate a innovative idea in the office or at home. I need go out to talk with different people and observe everything around you. They can give you the hints about the innovation. Sometimes, the blockbuster ideas come from the people’s demands that are not satisfied now.

  5. I think the most important part is idea generation and idea development . Brainstorm is a good way for idea generation. Talking with consumers is the most efficient way for innovation. during the talking, you can collect the spark!

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