As one of America’s most famous inventors, Thomas Edison, once said: “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.” So, how does one become a product-innovation genius today?

According to Scott Belsky, writing for Entrepreneur: “Ideas for business — good and bad — tend to proliferate at a dizzying speed. But how exactly do you handle them? When inspiration strikes, there are tools and lessons you can apply to ensure you get the best results. We’ve talked to experts and gone through the annals of business history to find the best ways to help you turn your ideas into solid gold. So don’t let the big one get away. Because it’s those who manage to convert abstraction into concrete solutions who can truly call themselves entrepreneurs.”

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7 Replies to “Finding and Acting on the Best Business Ideas”

  1. It is remains me the idea of brain storm. When we doing team project this method are always work. In the end of the article said inertia kills idea. but i thought may be you could lighted at last minute. As a Chinese old saying, hope often in desperation.

  2. A lot of people have a problem, including me, that at the beginning we think the idea we thought is very good, but after a while, we think the idea will maybe have bad effect, so we will discard the idea, actually sometimes if we persist and enough use the idea, it wil achieve the goal that we want to get.

      1. In my perspective, attract more customer is very important, so in order to get this goal, firstly the businessman should make people know their product through create good advertisements, then they have to keep their product have a good quality, only in this way, businessman can have more loyalty consumers.

  3. Usually as soon as a good idea or plan pops into my head, no matter what i am doing a record it on this note taking application on my smartphone. I do this because my phone is always on me so i will not displace it like a piece of paper, and i can save it and add changes to it when i want to. i recommend saving business ideas on your phone because it becomes much easier to share (through email or text) and gets the ball rolling faster then if you were to write the business idea on a piece of paper and forget about it after it is already too late. When a good business idea strikes, take action immediately.

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