American Express OPEN recently published a report on the 1997-2012 trends involving women-owned businesses. These are some of the key findings:

  • “The rate of growth in the number of women-owned enterprises over the past 15 years remains higher than the national average — currently the number of women-owned firms is growing at 1½ times the national average.”
  • “The Nation’s Capital is home to the women-owned firms with the greatest growth in economic clout.
  • “Women-owned firms are exceeding overall sector growth in seven of the 13 most populous industries, and there are several industries in which women business owners are standing toe to toe with their competitors in terms of revenue accomplishments.”
  • Women-owned firms are holding their own, meeting or exceeding average revenue and employment growth, when compared to all privately held firms—falling short only when their growth is compared to the very largest publicly traded firms.
  • “The relative strength of million-dollar women-owned firms is greater now than it was a decade ago.”

Click the image to access the full 73-page report.


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