We know that companies often pay celebrities (even minor ones) to endorse their products. This has gone on for decades with the mainstream media, and now this practice is hitting social media in full force. But as with traditional media, the question for social media endorsements is the same: Do you celebrity endorsements work?

According to Olivia Roat, writing for Business 2 Community (‘an independent online community focused on sharing the latest news surrounding social media, marketing, branding, public relations, and much more’):  “There is solid evidence that suggests that celebrity endorsements (both compensated and uncompensated) can skyrocket a product from relative obscurity to nationwide recognition. The ‘Oprah Effect’ is probably the best-known example of celebrity-induced rise to commercial fame. Oprah is so influential that she has a Midas-like touch: any product she mentions on her show or bills as one of her ‘Favorite Things’ and any book she selects for her book club gain the attention of millions. Just like some YouTube videos, these products go viral. People want them, think that they need them, and buy them.”

Nonetheless, Roat says: “But, if I’m leery and skeptical when it comes to sponsored tweets, why would companies use them? We follow celebrities we admire, so maybe companies think that if we support a particular person, we will also support that person’s products. This leads me to ask, do celebrity-endorsed tweets work? Are people that impressionable? Will they buy or use something because a celebrity promotes it?”

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